Huaben International opened the bus for the elderly card 3D live fingerprint verification first river

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This article will explain to you about the issue of the old-age card for Huaben International. Recently, the careful citizens may find that the elderly are free to take the bus with the old card, and suddenly there is no need to show the old card, but in the front. On the fingerprint device, click on your fingerprint. There is no need to show the old-age card on the bus, which is not a small convenience for the elderly. In these high-tech fields, Huaben International opened the bus 3D live fingerprint verification first.
Huaben International opened bus old card 3D live fingerprint verification first river
It is understood that holding the Huaben International Senior Card is a bus. First, it is inconvenient to carry, and it is easy to forget or lose. Second, the old card is mostly paper, and it is easy to be wet and the card is blurred. The third is that the old card is lost or corroded and replenished. However, all of the above concerns have disappeared due to the verification of the bus card for the elderly card.
According to the author's observation, in the field of public transportation, fingerprints are a pioneer in biometric identification. Huaben 3D live fingerprint recognition technology is the protagonist of this fingerprint pioneer. This project is one of the many projects of Shenzhen Huaben Huanyu Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huaben”). It is intended to solve the inconvenience of the elderly seniors holding the old card, and also solve the problem of paper-based elderly card-making.
Huaben International opened the bus old-age card verification system solution: first in the elderly center, set up a 3D live fingerprint device, fingerprint input for the elderly, and then transmit the data information to the bus 3D live fingerprint terminal through the 3G network, fingerprint The terminal is installed at the location where the bus is swiped. Whenever an old man gets on the bus, the fingerprint is pressed once on the 3D live fingerprint terminal read head, and the obtained data can be transmitted to the background statistics through the 3G network or the U disk.
According to the person in charge of the Huaben project, each Huaben 3D live fingerprint reader terminal on the bus is the fingerprint capacity of 4W people, that is, a city can record 40,000 fingerprints of the elderly at the same time, its capacity is large, the algorithm The precision is rare in the current industry. Of course, 3D live fingerprint recognition technology is still the biggest highlight of the Huaben fingerprint device.
So what is 3D live fingerprint recognition technology? That is to say, based on the principle of the top semiconductor technology, when the fingerprint is verified, the sensor generates a micro-electronic stream, and the fingerprint deep-layer obtains the fingerprint information for identification; its unique technical principle enables the fingerprint to be damaged, wet, and oily. The recognized function also has the ability to reject false fingerprints such as fingerprints. Compared with traditional optical fingerprint recognition technology, 3D live fingerprint recognition technology has undoubtedly has considerable advantages. For example, in the bus old-age card project, the fingers of the elderly are more wrinkled, the fingerprint lines are also unclear due to perennial wear, and the optical fingerprint device is difficult. Identification, but for the Huaben 3D live fingerprint reader, it is a breeze to overcome these problems.
According to Huaben, at present, Huaben International has opened the old Kahuaben 3D live fingerprint device for buses, which has been installed and operated on nearly 1,000 buses. The follow-up will continue to spread to the cities. We will wait and see!

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