Aquarium fish tank submersible pump installation plans and steps to explain

Aquarium fish tank submersible pump how to install? As aquarium fish tanks have gradually entered the home, aquarium pumps and aquarium submersible pumps are now attracting much attention as an integral part of the water cycle of aquariums and rockeries. However, many consumers do not know how to install the aquarium submersible pump after purchase, which will not only affect the working efficiency but also affect the service life. This article from the fish tank submersible pump installation diagram to help you sweep the trouble. Aquarium fish tank submersible pump installation drawings and step-by-step instructions (Asia Fluid Network) Aquarium fish tank submersible pump installation is mainly divided into the following ten steps: First, put a long sponge into the second, the leakage parts installed in the bottom and tighten ; Third, the card bit parts on the sponge on the card slot; fourth, connect the pump and the long tube; fifth, fitted with filters; sixth, connect the nozzle section of the hose; seventh, the spray Oxygen mouth upwardly installed in the bayonet; Eighth, the curved pipe connection Oxygen mouth card bit; Ninth, and then connect the drain pipe and curved pipe, pay attention to a row of small holes down; Tenth, the plug Out of the cylinder. Above is the aquarium fish tank submersible pump installation diagram and step instructions, of course, users need to control instructions, the actual operation, this is as soon as possible to get started, the correct installation of the "king." This article is published by Asia Fluid Network Editor, please indicate Asia Fluid Network, Business Hotline:, QQ:, Editor: Zeng Fen

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