Paint color matching must adhere to three principles

Color is a key factor in interior design, and its combination and application directly affects the overall indoor effect. Before deciding to paint a room, first make a style for the "home" before you can discuss the colors, furniture, curtains and accessories in detail.

The top surface is generally made of light paint

Light-colored paint makes people feel light, and dark paint makes people feel heavy. Usually the treatment of the room is mostly from top to bottom, from shallow to deep, such as white and light paint on the ceiling and wall of the room, white and light paint on the wall skirt, and dark paint on the baseboard. Planting a light and heavy sense of stability, on the contrary, the shallow depth of the upper and lower will give a top-heavy sense of oppression.

Choose paint color according to the purpose of the room

The purpose of the room often determines the effect to be created. The living room should look bright, relaxed or warm and comfortable, and the restaurant can be painted in dark colors.

The kitchen is always suitable for light colors, but be careful with warm paint. The corridors and foyer are just the function of the passage, so you can use them boldly. The style of the bedroom is entirely determined by the personal taste.

Choose paint color according to the orientation of the room

The room facing east is darker due to the earliest sun exposure and the earliest departure, so the use of light warm paint is often the safest. The south-facing room has the longest sunshine hours, and the use of cool colors makes people feel more comfortable and the room is more attractive. The west-facing room seems to be more comfortable with the use of deep-cold paint due to the strongest sunset in the day. Because there is no direct sunlight in the room facing north, it should be warmer and lighter when choosing the color of the paint.

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Label: paint color matching must adhere to three principles

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