Drones dare to fly? Anti-UAV system is coming

The appearance of the drone with camera gives us a view of the sky, so that each of us can observe the world from a new perspective, but open the drone, the Pandora's Box, we must find ways to limit the inside. The monster that came out. Last week, at a fire scene in the United States, several drones caused serious interference to the fire brigade helicopters coming to the rescue, which wasted 20 minutes of rescue time. Afterwards, the fire station said that these drones even tried to chase helicopters coming to rescue, posing a threat to the pilot's personal safety.

And an 18-year-old boy had DIY the pistol onto a drone and made a flying attack device, which caused a huge controversy.

Two days ago in Poland, another drone appeared at the airport. For safety concerns, 20 passenger planes were forced to change routes.

Without exception, these incidents are related to drones, and people’s concerns about drones have risen from privacy to personal safety. After the incident of the drone obstructing the fire brigade, the local government authorized the fire brigade to shoot down the drone that interfered with the action while performing the rescue mission.

In the drone industry, anti-UAV systems have gradually begun to develop. There are many types of anti-UAV technology, the main purpose of which is to prevent drones from entering places they should not enter, or to prevent drones from doing what they should not do.

Some of these anti-UAV systems use band blocking to interfere with wireless signals entering UAVs in a particular area, forcing them to land or change course. A British company, Blighter Surveillance, has successfully developed a system called AUDS (Anti-Unmanned Vehicle Defence System) for $1 million.

There are also some violent anti-UAV technologies. According to The Wall Street Journal, a European arms dealer has developed an attack system that can locate flying drones hundreds of meters away and shoot them down with high-power lasers. In a demo video given by the company, at about 500 meters away, the laser only illuminated the drone for a few seconds, the outer casing of the drone melted, and the drone lost control and crashed to the ground.

In addition, government agencies are now considering measures to allow drone manufacturers to include “no-fly zone” restrictions on the drone's firmware, which can prevent drones from flying into specific critical areas.

UAV technology is developing, and anti-UAV technology is also developing; although the sky is vast, it is not free to ride freely.

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