Wall paint has its own merits

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When we are surrounded by a variety of decorative products, we often see dazzling, I do not know where to choose. With the "wall" decoration gradually becoming the highlight of home decoration, a variety of decorative materials are also endless, texture paint, art paint, hand-painted paint really have their own merits. A few days ago, the three wall materials in the building materials market made people shout "fresh".

"Paste" on the wall of "Liquid Wallpaper"

A kind of wall coating called "liquid wallpaper" appeared in the building materials market, which has the characteristics of wallpaper pattern and the low cost and long life of wall coating. Hundreds of patterns with different background colors and construction methods can change thousands of wall decoration effects.

Raw material process and use method to ensure its environmental performance

Liquid wallpaper is a new type of art paint, also known as wallpaper paint, which is an environmentally friendly water-based paint that combines the characteristics of wallpaper and latex paint. To study its environmental performance, we must first start with raw materials. According to reports, the main raw material of this liquid wallpaper is obtained from the surface layer of the natural shell biological shell by high temperature treatment, and some are made of acrylic emulsion, titanium dioxide, pigment and other additives, thus avoiding the inner raw material components. Contaminated substances.

In addition, as we know, although the main raw materials for wallpaper are pure natural, less polluted paper and micro-suspended PVC resin, it does not contain harmful substances such as lead and benzene. Compared with other chemical materials, it is almost impossible to be toxic. However, when decorating wallpapers, some wall glues are needed, and the wall glue may contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury, as well as aldehydes, which indirectly cause indoor environmental pollution. The liquid wallpaper is a water-based paint, so it can eliminate the wall glue pollution and pungent smell during use, thus ensuring the environmental safety of the product. At the same time, because it is a water-based paint, it also has good moisture-proof, anti-bacterial properties, is not easy to insects, and is not easy to age.

Rich pattern effect requires professional construction

Liquid wallpaper inherits the characteristics of ordinary wallpapers with rich colors and strong decorative effects. It is understood that although it is a kind of paint, the visual effect of the spray is comparable to that of the wallpaper. At the same time, some products can also create the same touch as the wallpaper. Whether it is delicate or uneven, it is very similar to the wallpaper. Of course, the user can also design and customize the personalized pattern according to his own ideas, thereby improving the overall decorative effect of the home wall.

Of course, the various patterns presented by liquid wallpapers are formed by professional spraying. Therefore, users should choose a professional construction team when they use them. The brands that sell liquid wallpapers at present will help consumers to spray. During the construction process, there are many processes for liquid wallpaper, and the construction time is longer than ordinary latex paint. And its price is relatively high, so it is more suitable to paint a small area of ​​video wall, art modeling wall and so on. At the same time, consumers should be reminded to avoid scratching their surface because the repair process is cumbersome.

Natural diatom mud to regulate humidity and purify air

The diatom mud not only has the natural and simple texture, but also has the function of regulating the humidity and purifying the air. The diatom mud wall material of the Red Star Macalline home store is favored by consumers. According to the technical staff of Dajin, the new generation of environmentally friendly wall material diatom mud is made of diatomaceous earth. It is composed of pure natural materials and does not contain any harmful substances. Its biggest feature is that it can absorb and decompose. Harmful gases in the air act to purify the air.

Insulation and sound insulation, diatom mud makes the room more healthy

In addition, diatom mud also has many functions that the inner wall material can't match. For example: breathing and humidity control, diatom mud has the same humidity control performance as wallpaper and mortar 2 times; sound absorption and sound insulation, diatom mud sound insulation effect is equivalent The cement mortar and slab of the same thickness are more than 2 times. At the same time, it can shorten the reverberation time by 50%; eliminate the odor, the micropores of the diatom mud wall material can absorb various tastes and smoke, especially to eliminate the stench of life. The role of thermal insulation, although the thermal conductivity of diatomite is reduced after the processing of the wall material, but the thermal conductivity of the wall material for interior walls is 6 times higher than that of cement mortar.

Despite the advantages of diatom mud, because the diatom industry is in its infancy in the country, consumers are not very familiar with its performance. Dajin said that its Dajin diatom mud has passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification. At the same time, Dajin Company was designated as the main drafting unit of China's indoor air purification functional wall coating material industry standard, which will fill the gap of indoor air purification wall material industry in China without independent standards.

Marble effect paint "internal and external repair"

The paint has a marble effect, you may not have seen it, the French Meridian brand name "Besato" decorative paint can make the coating achieve a translucent marble surface effect. Made from natural slaked lime, natural pigments, ochre, marble powder and additives, it gives the user a velvety texture. In addition, if you add a special layer of mortar called "Platino" on the outermost side, the wall will show a cloud-like effect with a gradual color, deep texture and beautiful beauty. This decorative coating can be used on indoor walls or on the facade of a building. Since the coating reaches a certain thickness, it also serves to protect the building for a long time.

Natural coatings focus on environmental protection

This marble-effect paint, based on lime, is widely used in Europe to protect ancient buildings and make them even more spectacular. The combination of dry viscous lime, oxidizing toner and organic polymer contained in the paint, the good absorption of carbon dioxide from the outside makes the building have a glamorous surface, which is unmatched by other decorative coatings. This series of products are all based on natural minerals, and use healthy and environmentally friendly ecological materials to prevent VOC production. These materials also help to adjust the humidity changes, make the wall surface with good gas permeability and water resistance, and more effectively avoid condensation. In addition, the high PH value of the raw materials of the product makes it have excellent sterilization and disinfection effect, and it also has fireproof effect at the same time of sterilization and sterilization. It can be said to be one of the most durable coatings.

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