New Battery Technology: Perfectly Eliminating Lithium Batteries

New Battery Technology: Perfectly Eliminating Lithium Batteries

As the function of mobile devices continues to improve, the battery life is stretched. Therefore, various types of wireless charging technologies and fast charging technologies are widely mentioned, but it is not easy to popularize them. In order to solve the fundamental problem of battery life, researchers have recently started to develop a quantum battery.

Physicists in Britain, Italy and other four countries have proved the feasibility of quantum batteries in the New Physics Journal of the IOP. The "quantum acceleration" produced by the entanglement of multiple qubits can speed up the charging process. Quantum batteries charge faster than traditional batteries.

According to reports, qubits in quantum batteries can be ions, neutral atoms, photons, and other forms. Charging means changing qubits from low energy state to high energy state, and the discharge is the opposite.

Quantum bits are an important factor in determining the length of quantum charging. The researchers found that during the charging process, entangled quantums have shorter distances between low and high energy states than entangled quantums, and the more qubits, the stronger the entanglement and the faster the charging process. The charging time is inversely proportional to the number of qubits.

John Gould, the physicist at the International Center for Theoretical Physics at Abdus Salam in Italy, said: "Quantum systems have several orders of magnitude less electricity than everyday electricity equipment. We just theoretically proved it to be a Quantum physics can accelerate the input of energy into the system."

However, there are still limitations in the above technologies. The work of the quantum battery is not an unordered energy release, and it cannot guarantee that it can work normally and efficiently; in addition, the quantum battery will store electricity in terms of the power demand of mobile phones, electric cars and other equipment. too small. So, after the quantum battery technology matures, will the lithium battery be eliminated?

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