Discuss the five major challenges of HD projects

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Nowadays people are paying more and more attention to the high-definition performance of products. Whether it is a camera or other equipment, HD projects have become the mainstream of market development. Today we will look at the HD project from five issues together. We usually say that digital high-definition television refers to the use of digital technology in the whole process of broadcasting and receiving a series of television signals such as shooting, editing, production, broadcasting, transmission and reception. Digital high definition television is the most advanced of the digital television (DTV) standards, referred to as HDTV. It is a high-resolution TV with a horizontal scan line of at least 720 lines, a widescreen mode of 16:9, and multi-channel transmission. There are three types of HDTV scanning formats, namely 1280*720p, 1920*1080i and 1920*1080p. In China, 1920*1080i/50Hz is used. However, through more than one year of marketing and application in various fields, the following types of problems will be encountered:
HD project
1, transmission aspect <br> Universal HD image will generally use 720P or 1080 solution, if you want to achieve a very good image effect, you need 4M and 8M network bandwidth, if there are hundreds of points in a system, The data flow of the entire network will be quite large, and the video stream is a real-time data stream, which will continue to put continuous pressure on the network-related switching equipment, which requires sufficient homework in network planning.
2, storage aspects <br> The previous question mentioned the huge data flow problem, if the data is gathered to the center or each node for storage, the pressure on the central entrance bandwidth and storage capacity is a big challenge.
Structurally, there are two types of graphic files, bitmaps and vector graphics. In bitmaps, an image consists of a number of small screen dots (which we usually call pixels) that correspond to "bits" in the video memory. These "bits" determine the graphical properties of the pixel, such as the color of the pixel. Grayscale, light and dark contrast, etc. When a pixel has a large number of bits, it can display more and more colors. As a whole, the color of the image is more beautiful and the resolution is higher. The two-bit map, the eight-bit map, and the like divided in the bitmap are the number of bits occupied by the pixel. When the bitmap is enlarged or reduced, since the number of pixels is not changed, the resolution of the image is lowered, and the appearance of the image is naturally greatly reduced. I believe that when friends insert images in Word or WPS and arrange the graphic structure, they will encounter this situation more or less.
3, display aspects <br> Many HD manufacturers just focus on the pixels of the front-end camera, and ignore or can not provide a high-definition curtain wall solution in the control center, can only watch around the screen of the PC The so-called high-definition images cannot display HD images independently on the big screen.
4, management aspects <br> Many high-definition manufacturers still follow the traditional analog camera ideas to do high-definition cameras, buy off-the-shelf hardware solutions, using third-party MPEG4 standard algorithm, just provide a network interface, simply digitize As for how the rear platform manages the hardware and data flow of the camera, it cannot be realized because it does not have the underlying core algorithms and technologies.
5, night imaging <br> In the case of sufficient daylight, high-definition is very easy, once the application is weak, or need to monitor at night, high-definition has become a useless hero. Since most HD cameras use CMOS sensors, their sensitivity to light is low. Even sensors with megapixel CCDs are much less sensitive than ordinary low-light CCDs. At night, it is dark, and the time period we monitor most of it is precisely at night, which will make the high-definition video HD system with a high expectation become a display.

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