Missing gas water heater Don't miss the electric water heater

Missing gas water heater Don't miss the electric water heater

May is the traditional investment season for the Chinese home appliance industry. In the countryside of home appliances in China---Foshan, Shunde, the kitchen and household appliances exhibition in spring every year is a stage for new and hot investment promotion by various manufacturers.

Shunde Ronggui is still one of the largest electric water heater manufacturers in Ronggui, which is a product of Shangshang Electric's 5 years' electric water heater industry and the development of more than 3 years of concentrated development.

It is understood that Pinshang Electric is a well-known Chinese company that has been established for nearly 10 years. It has been an OEM/ODM supplier for domestic and international major brands of water heaters. Shangshang Electric has a wealth of technical accumulation in the R&D and manufacturing of electric water heaters. With excellent quality and best-selling domestic market, it has a stable number of agents in the country. And the product is still the introduction of its own brand of electrical appliances Smith, Gree, Le Lian, Philips, Stanley, South Korea's modern electric water heaters, is the product is still the power of self-accumulation and channel construction based on two aspects. Launched three new series of products including water storage, quick heating and instant heating.

In-house analysis, at present, the plumbing industry is subject to new generations of consumer demand changes, the traditional building materials business ups and downs, the logistics industry costs increase and other operating pressures, the traditional plumbing wholesale business model is facing a certain predicament. The characteristics of the plumbing industry channels, many outlets, low customer prices, it is possible to use this carrier to increase the new product categories related to plumbing. The rapid growth of the electric water heater market in recent years has made many people feel that they must seize this opportunity. “Before missed the rapid growth of gas water heaters, it is no longer possible to wait for business opportunities to be lost,” said a Li Xing agent from Fujian.

Many plumbing agents have realized that there is a need for change, and they will find some water heater products for sale. But doing plumbing appliances requires a good brand and a good company, so that they can have the confidence and courage to try new products. From product research and development, sales services, after-sales protection and brand promotion, will bring a new brand of electrical appliances to the market. The product is unique security patented technology, cost-effective, unique design, in the market research stage has been widely praised across the country's markets. ”

The electric water heater products introduced by Pinshang Electric will penetrate the product design concept of “safety and taste” and have a number of independent patents. This will not only give the user a safe and easy-to-use electric water heater, but also a stylish brand image and elegant products. The appearance, which brings a different experience to the market, will become a strong competitor for China's kitchen and toilet industry in 2015.

In 2015, we joined Shangshang Electric. The company also has many projects to support the agents. Welcome to consult.

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