Magnetic pump model parameters fully interpreted

Magnetic pump (magnetic pump) is the permanent magnet coupling principle of work applied to the centrifugal pump of new products, because of its sealed, no leakage, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, has been widely used In the computer water cooling system, automotive cooling systems, fountain systems, medical equipment and bathroom, much respected and loved by market users. So what exactly are the models, which are the technical parameters, the following Xiaoban to Shanghai Pump into the product model for your brief description. Magnetic pump model parameters fully interpreted Magnetic drive plate models and technical parameters are as follows: 1.CQ magnetic drive pump caliber range: 14-100 / 10-80 (mm) flow range: 1.2-60 (m3 / h) lift range: 5-50 (m) 2.CQB-type stainless steel magnetic pump caliber range: 32-100 / 20-80 (mm) Flow range: 3.2-100 (m3 / h) Lift range: 20-80 (m) Plastic magnetic drive pump Caliber range: 10-65 / 8-50 (mm) Flow range: 0.9-25 (m3 / h) Head range: 3-32 (m) 4.CQB-F type fluoroplastic magnetic pump Diameter range: 15-100 / 15-80 (mm) Flow range: 1.8-100 (m3 / h) Head range: 8-32 (m) 5.CQB-G series of high temperature magnetic pump diameter range: 32-100 / 20-65 ( mm) Flow range: 1.9-120 (m3 / h) Head range: 7.5-86 (m) 6.CQGD type pipeline magnetic pump Diameter range: 25-100 (mm) Flow range: 1.6-100 Head Range: 12.5-80 (m) 7.MP Series Miniature Magnetic Drive Circulation Pump Caliber Range: 14-26 / 14-26 (mm) Flow Range: 4.5-300 (L / min) Head Range: 0.8-20.5 (m ) 8.ZCQ self-priming magnetic pump Diameter range: 20-80 / 12-65 (mm) Flow range: 3-50 (m3 / h) Head range: 12-50 (m) 9.CQG type high temperature stainless steel Magnetic pump caliber range: 20-1 00 / 15-80 (mm) Flow range: 50-1650 (L / min) Head range: 12-50 (m) 10.CW magnetic drive vortex pump Diameter range: 15-65 (mm) Flow range: 0.36- 14.4 (m3 / h) Head range: 30-210 (m) The above is the magnetic pump model and its technical parameters of information, I hope your purchase of products to help. This article is copyrighted industry interconnect (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asian pumps Network Editor: Zeng Fenfen (QQ / micro letter:) starting: http: // / (Service Hotline:)

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