Decoration half bag attention can not ignore any point

As we all know, the pace of life of modern people is relatively fast, so the decoration will generally choose to decorate the company. There are many methods for home improvement, such as all-inclusive, half-package, and clear-bag, but the most commonly used decoration method is undoubtedly semi-packaging. Because this kind of decoration can allow the householder to select building materials independently, so as to better control the cost of decoration. So, what should be paid attention to in the renovation of half a package ? Let's take a look at the half-pack of decoration notes!

1. Before the renovation - learn to determine the design

We all know that decoration design is the soul of the entire renovation project, so if you think that you do not have much understanding of the decoration, you may consider asking the designer to discuss the style, function division and designer you wish to create. Of course, if you are a decoration designer, you can design it yourself and create a home that suits your personality.

2. Basic Engineering - Eyeing the Wall Roof

In the basic engineering part of the wall and roof construction, consumption traps are often designed. According to the normal procedure, the decoration personnel should check the house before entering the court. The basic engineering part focuses on the wall and roof to see if there are any problems such as inclination or lack of smoothness. If there is, you need to do wall and roof leveling.

3. Modeling - Beware of asking prices

It is understood that part of the decoration design is also a trap to frequent the link. Due to the existence of design costs, this link can not generally be added in the same way as other parts based on materials and working hours. Industry experts said: “The best way to prevent pitfalls at this stage is to require the decoration company to list the details of the cost of the molding and to show the standard construction drawings.” In addition, the unit of measure, unit price, material, etc. must also be specified in the contract. According to the drawings and these standards, consumers can clearly understand the construction materials and the amount of materials used.

4. Hydropower Renovation - Beware of shoddy

Water circuit renovation is a crucial part of the renovation and semi-package link. The quality of the materials used and the standard of construction will directly affect the quality of the use of housing for several years or even decades. Bad decoration companies and "guerrillas" often injure consumers by shoddy and exchange construction materials. It is understood that the difference in material quality for the water circuit reform is very large. A room with a size of 100m2 or so can be used to obtain a few thousand dollars in profits by using substandard methods. Therefore, consumers must determine the brand and model of the material at this stage and supervise the construction personnel to strictly follow the prescribed methods.

5. Construction materials - one can not be less

In the semi-package repair, the biggest trap is often on construction materials. According to the regulations, the final quotation for the half-package contract should cover all construction materials. However, consumers often do not understand the scope of auxiliary materials, and generally will be part of the semi-package range of auxiliary materials as belonging to their own expenses, so the owners must pay more attention to this aspect, so as not to be deceived.

Editor's summary: It is worth noting that half-packaging does not necessarily save money, but only a detailed home improvement plan, a reasonable layout for soldiers, and understanding of the issues that need attention before renovating can it be possible to have a self-confidence. Ruyi's renovation plan. Finally, we hope that the half-package decoration items provided by Xiao Bian can give us some help!

Semi-pack repair

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