Li Yizhong: Improving the quality of laborers, machine substitution and employment are not contradictory

The 2015 NetEase Economist Annual Meeting Summer Forum was held in Beijing today. The theme of the forum was “China's new economic climate”, and the economic elite gathered together to discuss China's economic reform.

The former Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Li Yizhong, delivered a keynote speech. The following is a partial record.

In terms of production economy, the shortage of products in short supply is in short supply. The main reason is that products cannot be sold, and enterprises also attach importance to renovation and renovation. However, the emphasis on improving equipment efficiency, especially the pursuit of quality brands, is that the equipment of many enterprises is still very old. Inefficiency, but innovation can make our production equipment and assembly lines automated, digital, and intelligent, and significantly improve efficiency. Thus, our so-called precision manufacturing, extreme manufacturing, and agile manufacturing become possible. The quality and brand of products can also be raised dramatically.

Recently, one of the 100 most influential brands in the world, we have only one, two, three in the past, and now fifteen have entered the top 100, indicating that we can promote the efficiency of production tools after innovation. In terms of production brand and labor, we emphasize solving employment and vigorously developing labor-intensive industries. This is undoubtedly correct. The problem is that we do not have enough work to improve the quality, business ability and technical level of laborers, and we pay insufficient attention to mechanization and automation. What are the consequences? Labor productivity is low, and artificial success has risen sharply. Last year, our labor cost was 2.7 times that of a decade ago, an increase of 1.7 times, scientific and technological progress and management innovation. Now we propose "machine substitution", which is the first in Zhejiang Province the year before. Put it up, I will add four words to it, but also "human control machine", "machine substitution", "person control machine", after the machine substitution, although the simple labor position is reduced, but the complex labor position, high Technical labor positions have increased. People have to control the machine. It is not a "machine substitution" and employment conflict. If it is not good, it can be promoted. The problem is to improve the quality of workers. It will be improved through distance education, simulation and modern means. The labor quality of workers, especially migrant workers.

Our labor productivity last year was 7.23 million yuan per capita, an increase of 7% over the previous year. It is not bad, but compared with our counterparts, compared with developed countries, our labor productivity may be a fraction of that of people, even a dozen. One of the points, this is the gap with others.

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