The difference between tiles and tiles Six strokes to easily distinguish tiles and tiles

Tiles and tiles have been heard by many people, but many people do not understand the tiles and think that the tiles and tiles are the same. Anyway, they are used to cover the ground. For buyers, it is easy to confuse. In actual fact, tiles and tiles are very different. What are the differences between tiles and tiles ? Today we will take a look at the difference between tiles and tiles !

The difference between tiles and tiles, classified different

Porcelain tiles belong to porcelain and belong to ceramics. They are the same as vases or plates in homes and are therefore classified as porcelain. However, tiles belong to the floor, belong to the brick, and are made by firing. The manufacturing process of the two are very different, and the materials used are also different and belong to different categories.

The difference between tiles and tiles 2, the surface of the smooth degree is different

For tiles, the smoother and more beautiful the better, and the tile must have a certain degree of slip resistance, to ensure the normal use.

The difference between tiles and tiles 3, thickness

Although ceramics and ceramic tiles have a porcelain character, there is a large gap in thickness. Tiles are relatively thin and light in weight. However, the ceramic tile is thicker and has a heavier component, which also determines the different uses of the two and different methods of pasting. If ceramic tile is pasted with tiles, it will cause the tiles to fall. If tile is pasted in the way of tile, it will not show good decorative effect.

The difference between tiles and tiles 4, different service life

Tiles have a limited useful life, typically seven years. Moreover, the water absorption rate of commercially available tiles is generally around 10%, and cracks are more likely to occur in some cases, and some of them are even broken.

The difference between tiles and tiles 5, the internal texture requirements are different

The number of bubbles in the interior of the tiles is very strict, and the best one is not. Because of the presence of air bubbles, it is easy to crack when frozen. The number of bubbles on the tiles does not require much.

The difference between tiles and tiles 6, use

Tile refers to a piece, generally used to decorate the wall, but the tile is not in direct contact with the wall, but there is a certain distance from the wall. Although tiles can also be decorated on the wall, but the tile is a block of brick, not a piece, after the paste is completely affixed with the wall, with cement sand fixed in the middle.

Regarding the difference between ceramic tiles and ceramic tiles , I will introduce them to you. I hope to help you. More information on decoration is on this site. Please stay tuned.

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