Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminium Anchor Plate Ceiling Material Selection and Installation Process

According to the different materials of the decorative board, the ceiling can be divided into gypsum board ceiling, metal ceiling, glass ceiling, PVC board ceiling and aluminum buckle board ceiling. The aluminum buckle ceiling is the most commonly used ceiling method in modern home. In the home decoration, the ceiling decoration has been developed to the present. The aluminum buckle ceiling has become the mainstream home decoration ceiling method. Why is the ceiling of the aluminum buckle board so popular? What I would like to introduce here is the selection method of aluminum buckle ceiling materials and the installation process of aluminum ceiling ceilings. I hope to help friends who have this need!

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum buckle ceiling

1 advantages of aluminum buckle ceiling

a. The long life of the aluminum buckle ceiling, the quality of the aluminum buckle can be used for 50 years;

b. The ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate has good fireproof, moistureproof and antistatic effects;

c, aluminum buckle ceiling easy to clean;

d, aluminum buckle plate ceiling texture is good, high grade, and tile, bathroom, kitchen cabinet easily form a unified style.

2 disadvantages of aluminum buckle ceiling

a. The installation requirements for the ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate are high, especially the requirements for the flatness are the most stringent;

b. The joints between the ceilings of aluminum buckles are inferior to the ceilings of plastic buckles;

c. The shape and style of the aluminum buckle plate are not plate type and rich in style.


Aluminum buckle plate ceiling material selection method

1, aluminum buckle ceiling material selection

There are many specifications for the aluminum buckle plate, including the panel width, thickness, hemming height and so on. The selection should be based on the characteristics of the home bathroom. Aluminum buckle plate is divided into two kinds of surface punching and plane. The surface punching can breathe sound and sound, and the interior of the buckle plate is covered with a layer of film cushion, and the moisture can be absorbed by the film through the punching hole, so it is most suitable for the kitchen with more moisture. On the market 600mm × 600mm micro-hole square plate, C150, C100 strips and 300 × 300, 300 × 600 aluminum strips are the most widely used. The quality of aluminum gussets is not entirely thin and thick. The key lies in the texture of aluminum. The aluminum gussets used in general engineering are 0.8 mm or even thicker. Because some gussets used in engineering are very long, in order to prevent deformation, it is necessary to With a little thicker, a little harder, on the contrary, the home use aluminum buckle ceiling, rarely more than 4 meters, and there is no heavy weight on the ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate, so home improvement aluminum buckle plate, so to speak, 0.6 mm It's enough. So, why did you go to the Building Materials City, many salesmen said to you 0.8 mm, and some friends said that someone introduced him to 0.88 mm, which only shows that the quality of the company's aluminum buckle but off.

2, aluminum buckle ceiling problems

a. Take the example of an imported brand aluminum buckle plate with a large reputation on the market, its price is more than 300 yuan per square meter, but its thickness is how much? 0.5 mm, not as good as 0.6 mm! Why aluminum buckles are not based on thickness but on substrates. In fact, if the aluminum gusset you are consulting is brand name, most of them are 0.6mm in terms of mid-range.

b. Regarding why some brands are 0.8mm but not good, and some miscellaneous brands, aluminum cans are used, because of the quality of aluminum itself, so they want to make aluminum buckles thin but not possible Because the aluminum is not good, the board can't pull thin evenly, so they can only do it in thick.


Aluminum buckle ceiling installation process

The installation process of aluminum ceiling plate ceilings includes: catapult → installation of main keel boom → installation of main keel → installation of sub keel → installation of aluminum bar → installation of aluminum buckle plate → installation of lamps and vents.

1, the line

According to the horizontal line of the floor elevation, use the vertical vector of the ruler to reach the design elevation of the ceiling, play the position line of the keel on the top plate, and bomb the horizontal line of the elevation of the ceiling on the wall.

2, install the main keel boom

After elevating the horizontal elevation line of the ceiling and the main keel position line, the elevation of the lower end of the boom is determined. According to the position of the main keel and the spacing between the hangers, one end of the suspension rod without bolts is fixed under the floor with an expansion bolt; the boom is used for 6 m. Reinforced steel (8mm flat steel).

3, install the main keel

Fit the suspender nut and pre-mark the pendant on the main keel. Put the main keel of the assembled pendant into the corresponding hanger bolt according to the position of the splitter wire, and tighten the nut to match the main keel. Fit the fittings, pull the wire to adjust the elevation and straight, attach the main keel to the installation hole, set and connect the fastening.

4, install sub keel

According to the already subminded sub keel line, the card is placed with secondary keel triangles, and wooden keel is used. The spacing between the secondary keels is 600mm. The main keel spacing according to the design will be used to suspend the secondary keel through the triangle pendant. On the keel; When the length of the secondary keel needs multiple continuous extensions, use the secondary keel to connect the secondary keel while connecting, straighten and fix it.

5, install the side aluminum bar

The specification of the aluminum strip is: 25mm*25mm. The elevation of the ceiling is required to fix the aluminum strip around the wall with cement nails.

6, install the aluminum buckle board

When installing the ceiling aluminum buckle plate, press lightly in the order of the flanges and place the two sides of the square plate completely into the secondary keel, and then push tightly. Strictly prohibit loading and unloading; and adjust the side aluminum strips to straighten out the fixed side aluminum plates. According to the design requirements, 600mm*600mm punched aluminum gusset plate is used for the ceiling of the project.

7, install lamps and vents

According to the ceiling plan layout, layout lamps and vents; installation of aluminum buckle plate, according to the size of lamps and vents to open holes, install lamps and vents.

Installation 6 points

The ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate should pay attention to the details in the installation and construction in order to ensure safety. The following look at the installation of aluminum buckle board to pay attention to what issues.

1, pay attention to the installation order

When installing the ceiling of the aluminum buckle board, in the kitchen, the hose smoke duct of the hood is fixed, the position of the hood is determined, and the ceiling is suspended; in the bathroom, the bathroom heater, the exhaust fan, and the ceiling fan are installed first. Must first line up the bathroom heater and gas water heaters.

2, pay attention to the installation size

Before installation, tell the worker the position of the lamp, the Yuba, and the release in advance, so as to determine the opening position. Yuba keel should be installed on its own, or self-made simple wooden frame.

3, pay attention to the depth of drilling

The square plate is made of light steel keel, and the slats are made of aluminum keel or galvanized keel. According to the measurement construction drawings, the depth of punching is 3~4cm, which is suitable for preventing damage to the wire tube and the waterproof layer.

4, pay attention to the keel spacing

The keel is arranged according to the size of the gusset plate with a spacing of 50-60 cm and the boom is no more than 30 cm from the end of the main keel. Otherwise, additional booms should be provided to avoid falling.

5, pay attention to the panel connection

The panel is tightly connected with the keel, with a smooth surface and even seams. No pollution, no folds, no missing corners, hammers, delaminations, leaks, penetrations, and angles. The gap between the corner line and the wall surface should be small and uniform.

6, pay attention to the top furniture

Do not install exhaust fans, bathroom heaters, and large lamps directly on the gussets or keels and they can be directly reinforced on the top.

Editor's summary: In summary, in the selection of aluminum buckle ceiling material, in addition to pay attention to the surface finish of the aluminum buckle board, but also to observe whether the thickness of the board is uniform, by hand pinching the board feel, flexibility and toughness is good. The above content is the detailed introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of the ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate and the selection method of the ceiling material. I hope to help you.

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