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Light decoration, heavy decoration is a development direction in recent years. After the basic decoration process, try to use the late accessories to match or change the style of the bedroom. In essence, it is also a dedication to reducing carbon emissions. This year, low-carbon wardrobes will also become the mainstream of fashion.

Under normal circumstances, new people not only have a certain economic strength in the purchase of wedding rooms, but also in the decoration of wedding rooms. In recent years, the wedding market has been continuously violent, and the waiting level of new people's taste for cabinet wardrobes has become higher and higher, further driving the overall degree of wedding room decoration. In addition, the wedding room decoration brings the most profit to the cabinet wardrobe company, so this has become a must for the cabinet wardrobe company.

Low carbon wardrobe with blue eyes

With the labor costs and the original data prices have been rising, the recent cabinet wardrobe prices are gradually rising. It is understood that the price increase in the first half of this year may become the main theme of many decoration companies.

The rising cost of renovation is the main cause of the price increase. First, the price of raw materials has skyrocketed. Since 2009, raw materials such as logs and alloys have been rising, and the prices of many building materials have risen a lot. Some merchants who have previously adjusted the prices of some commodities have shown the possibility of price increases again. It is still very big; second, the labor costs of cabinets and cabinets, designers and workers are gradually improving; third, the operating costs are increasing, the rising oil prices in the sea make transportation costs rise, and the department cabinet wardrobe enterprises expand with the scope, business operations, The update of staff governance has also increased the cost. In the case of rising decoration prices, consumer decoration should be more emotional, so as not to be deceived.

It is an extraordinary year for consumers and the entire wardrobe industry. The turmoil in the wardrobe industry caused by the new property market at the beginning of the year had made people look forward to it. The rise in prices at the beginning of the year has kept people waiting. This year, the wardrobe market began to change quietly. A variety of sports emerge in an endless stream, special promotions, one-stop shopping and other wrists make the benefits more attractive. The rise of recessive marketing, secondary decoration and soft decoration market has also begun to let the industry gradually find new business models.

Some insiders believe that the newly-married group is one of the main consumers in the real estate market, and the psychological acceptance can be widely higher. This is because the local group is more aware of the future housing trend and needs to be more urgent. Therefore, the prospective new people have more surplus funds in the decoration, which has a positive effect on the decoration market.

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