Wheat white eyebrow weed control

Maibaimei Weeds is a new pest that seriously damages wheat on the wheat in Zhaojia Village, Sanshandao Street, Shandong Province. When it is seriously damaged, it will cause wheat to be produced. In March 2013, similar new wheat pests were first discovered on the hilly wheat fields in the Zezhou district of Shanxi Jincheng. The occurrence ranged from 4-5 townships with an area of ​​nearly 10,000 mu. The Chinese Pesticide Network Xiaobian introduces how to control the white-browed weeds by filling the medicine.
With water: 48% chlorpyrifos EC, 200-250ml / acre, poured into the field when pouring. The time of administration can be selected during the spring watering period.
Spraying wheat seedlings: You can unscrew the nozzle, or use a straight nozzle to spray the roots. The medicine can be 48% chlorpyrifos EC60ml/mu, or 40% phoxim 70ml/mu. The amount of liquid is large to ensure the penetration of wheat roots. A place to hide. The period of drug use can be selected in the wheat greening period. After the wheat is greened, the food intake of the pest increases and the damage is aggravated, which is easy to cause the lack of seedlings and ridges, which is a key period for pesticide control. In the Laizhou area, the temperature began to rise at the end of March, and the wheat was in the early stage of re-greening. Since then, the larvae began to increase the food intake and entered the peak period, which is the best period for prevention and control.

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