Passionate 澎湃 “Big Thousands of Gold” – Recording the 2013 Mid-Autumn Festival Bob Activity of Yudian Automation Headquarters

On September 13th, under the careful planning and organization of the Human Resources Department, a unique cake feast was kicked off. This event created an opportunity for employees to meet and celebrate the festival, and warmly brought happiness and good luck to the staff. Every hard worker. When the moon is empty, the thoughts are strong. The Mid-Autumn Festival is near, and people in Xiamen are welcoming not only the longing for their loved ones, but also the unique Mid-Autumn Festival. The staff of Xiamen Yudian Headquarters naturally did not miss it. On September 13th, under the careful planning and organization of the Human Resources Department, a unique cake feast was kicked off. This event created a meeting for employees. Opportunity, and warmly bring happiness and good luck to every hard worker.

Rich blog prizes

Mid-Autumn Festival Bo cake is a unique folk activity that extends from the cake culture in southern Anhui. It is a kind of game that people use for entertainment during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The result combination of six dice throwing results determines the participants' prizes. According to the rules, "one show", "two moves", "four advances", "three reds", "to the church", "the champion" have a specific combination of points, and the prizes are also different. Mid-Autumn Festival Bob Cake has become a form of welfare for Xiamen enterprises, and it has become one of the most important activities of employees. Everyone wants to be a "high school" champion, because the champion can not only get the thousand yuan award, but more importantly, the Bozhong champion. People will have good luck throughout the year.

Who can "slap a lot of money"?

The employees were divided into 17 tables in groups of 10 people. The location of the blog was distributed in all corners of the Yudian Building. When the cake was served, a large red porcelain bowl was placed on the table, and the prizes were neatly placed aside. After opening the password, each person took six dice in turn and threw them into the bowl. The scorpion fell in the bowl. The crisp sound of the jingle was filled with laughter, and the whole building suddenly boiled. Every time I throw a scorpion, I provoke the nerves of the people. The members of each group are concentrating on the numbers after the scorpion is settled, and the cheerful screams come from time to time. Within an hour, the champions were all out of the expectations of others, and other prizes also belonged to each other. In addition to envy, everyone has shaken hands and embraced the lucky winners, and hopes to have good luck in the days that follow. Among them, the Ministry of Human Resources is the department that receives the most champions, and it can be said that the Fortune is the leader.

The cake is hot

As night fell, the event came to an end, and the employees stepped on their way home. With or without the Bob No., everyone smiled and shared happiness with each other. When they were close to each other and exchanged feelings, their hearts were filled. Thanks to Xiamen Yudian Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Yudian is like a big family, warming every beating heart. I hope that every employee can continue to work with Yudian in the future, and create new achievements.
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