Which Suzhou 3M agent is there? ? ? ?

Suzhou Oudatai Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. has been authorized by TESA as an agent for a long time. The price guarantee is guaranteed. Suzhou Oudatai Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. has long been authorized by TESA as an agent to guarantee the price. The company has long-term stock models as follows:

Tesa general agent tesa dealer Suzhou tesa agent tesa distributor Suzhou tesa
Shading series - paper substrate
Tesa4304 tesa4309 tesa4314 tesa4315 tesa4316 tesa4317 tesa4322 tesa4330 tesa4331 tesa4432
Tesa4438 tesa4349 tesa51300tesa51432tesa53123tesa53131tesa4104 tesa4164 tesa4169 tesa4174
Tesa4244 tesa50501tesa50530tesa50550tesa50589tesa51108tesa62993tesa51408tesa4613 tesa4651
Tesa4653 tesa4657 tesa4660 tesa4661

Water soluble tape
Tesa51915/tesa51913/tesa51914/tesa51912/tesa51170/tesa51550tesa51444/tesa51445/ tesa51446tesa4447/tesa4441/tesa51150/tesa54444/tesa54445/tesa54872

Masking tape - PVC substrate
Tesa4963 tesa4968 tesa4970 tesa4917 tesa51960 tesa51970 tesa51990 tesa4971 tesa4985
Tesa4900 tesa68105tesa4952 tesa4967 tesa4977 tesa4978

Double-sided tape series
Tesa4940 tesa4959 tesa4962 tesa60975 tesa60980 tesa4928 tesa4965 tesa4967 tesa4982
Tesa4983 tesa4964 tesa4987 tesa4989

Non-woven tape

Tesa68623 tesa68634 tesa68645 tesa68646

Other PVC and SPVC series
Tesa4172 tesa4252 tesa4253 tesa4840

Packaging tape
Tesa4224 tesa4287 tesa4288 tesa4289 tesa64007 tesa64284 tesa4574 tesa4579 tesa53314

Tear tape series
Tesa4235 tesa4236 tesa51235 tesa51236 tesa7496

Splicing series - tape stitching
Tesa4231 tesa4232 tesa52450

Splicing series - corrugated box splicing
Tesa4962 tesa7158 tesa50607

Flexo Plate Tape Series - Film Substrate
Tesa52307 tesa52310 tesa52315 tesa52320 tesa52325 tesa52330 tesa52332 tesa52338
Tesa52345 tesa52350

Other veneer tape, cover tape, roller anti-slip tape
Tesa4204 tesa4206 tesa4563 tesa4863 tesa51108 tesa52916

Flexo plate tape series - foam substrate
Tesa52015 tesa52016 tesa52017 tesa52020 tesa52021 tesa52060 tesa52380 tesa52382
Tesa52502 tesa52506

Tesa common model series
Tesa50503 tesa50504 tesa50525 tesa50575 tesa51150 tesa51467 tesa51445 tesa51446
Tesa51913 tesa51914 tesa51006 tesa51608 tesa51616 tesa51618 tesa51965 tesa51967
Tesa51968 tesa51972 tesa51980 tesa51982 tesa5456 tesa54994 tesa60943 tesa60976
Tesa4128 tesa4215 tesa4334 tesa4359 tesa4378 tesa4428 tesa4576 tesa4688
Tesa64250 tesa8401 tesa8402 tesa4204 tesa4204 tesa4330 tesa4252 tesa4863
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