Characteristics and treatment effect of mechanical steaming pot

The characteristics and processing effect of the mechanical steaming pot have the characteristics of mechanical steaming pot:

1. The steam is uniform and stable, the yarn is not damaged, and there is no condensation spot.
2, absolute saturated steam from 50 ° C to 130 ° C for humidity control, stereotype
3, can use ordinary paper tube, no yellow spots near the paper tube
4. Indirect steam system is easy to recycle, low energy consumption, no pollution, and improved efficiency
5, process accuracy, good reproducibility and short process time, reduce production costs
6, flexible choice of electric heating or steam heating for your choice
7. Wide range of applications, can handle a variety of natural and synthetic fiber yarns, blended and microfiber yarns, suitable for processing yarns in cartons, trolleys, yarn boxes or pallets.
8. Less additional auxiliary equipment for steaming machine, reducing maintenance costs
9. Humidity control: After the steam, cotton and linen blended yarns are steamed and conditioned, the humidity can be increased, the strength and elongation at break can be increased, thereby reducing warping and weaving breaks and improving knitting and weaving efficiency.
10. Relaxation: Kink and entanglement during the unwinding process can lead to yarn breakage and quality degradation. The use of steam-relaxed yarns increases the efficiency of all subsequent operations such as winding, twisting, warping, weaving, etc.
11, heat setting: high twist yarn, core yarn and chemical fiber filaments need heat setting to stabilize the twist. All layers are treated evenly and stably using the Waldorf steaming process
12, shrinkage - pre-shrinkage: some synthetic fibers have the characteristics of heat shrinkage. The process provides a balanced and dynamic shrinkage that allows the treated yarn to meet the needs of weaving and dyeing. The application and effect of steaming pot produced by Jialianhua. It is suitable for yarn and polyester thread. Wool. Tops. Chemical fiber line. Sponge cloth and curtains are shaped. Spandex coated yarn. Cotton yarn. Rayon. Polyester. Computer embroidery thread. Sewing thread. Knitting line. Curved beads line. Lace line. Vacuum setting of yarns such as zippers. Its main purpose is to combine the continuous yarns with weaving conditions, and then set them after twisting, that is, to stabilize the twist under a certain pressure and temperature, and obtain a balanced untwisted thread. It can also be used in the degreasing process of polyester low elastic yarn.
Processing effect:
1. Relax, shape, and humidify.
2. Increasing the yarn strength, reducing the breaking strength of the broken cotton yarn will increase by 10%, and the yarn elongation at break will increase by 30%).
3. The cotton wool hairs are reduced by 30-45%.
4. The yarn has a uniform humidity and high precision in controlling the moisture regain.
5. Eliminate static electricity and improve yarn unwinding effect.
6. Soft touch.
7. Improve the coloring effect.
8. Improve production efficiency and improve the overall quality of products.
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