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Many people don't know much about anti-static liquids. Now, Dapu company is popularizing it for everyone!

Q: Why do the plastic products use anti-static liquid?

A: Some customers require that plastics do not generate static electricity and damage the tiny electronic components. However, the plastic parts themselves are molded products. It is impossible to re-add electrostatic charges to injection molding. At this time, only surface treatment methods can be used to prevent static electricity. Apply liquid on the surface of the plastic to form a conductive film on the plastic surface to achieve antistatic effects.

Q: Why do we need to use anti-static liquid treatment for plastic blister?

A: After the ordinary plastic is finished, it is just ordinary plastic. Plastic is a kind of material that is very easy to generate static electricity. If you add anti-static material, because its material is very dirty, the method of adding electrostatic material may not be suitable. Anti-static performance is not stable or very uneven, generally about 10E11 power, the use of anti-static liquid to coat the surface is the most suitable, after surface treatment of plastic anti-static effect is generally in the 10E7-10E9 power range, Friction voltage: less than 100V.

Q: If there is static electricity in the clothes of large quantities of polyester or nylon fabrics?

Answer: Use anti-static liquid to soak or use anti-static liquid to spray, as long as the anti-static liquid sticks to the surface of the fabric can achieve the effect of eliminating static electricity, in the ordinary fabric, in addition to cotton, the chemical fiber type and These are very easy to produce static electricity, in the dry weather even more so, and thus there will be electricity to the human phenomenon, with anti-static liquid to deal with this phenomenon can be resolved.

Q: Why do you need to do anti-static treatment?

A: Electrostatic phenomena are mainly caused by friction (contact-separation) or induction of objects. After the static electricity is generated, the same-sex charges repel each other and the opposite charges attract each other, thus causing electrostatic interference in production and life.

1, in the production process, due to electrostatic adsorption and aggregation, it is easy to lead to the phenomenon of roll cloth, thereby affecting the efficiency of production and increase the rate of defective products. The static charge can be derived from the antistatic agent, and static electricity is not easily collected.

2. Due to electrostatic adsorption in life, dust with opposite charges will adhere to the surface of the fabric. When the tops and pants are of different materials, charges of different polarities will cause mutual attraction, entanglement between clothing and clothes, and entanglement of clothes with the human body. . Especially in autumn and winter, when the weather is dry, the fabric is easily attached to the skin, causing awkward scenes.

Q: Why do I have to roll cloth when I often fall?

A: Because the friction between the fabric and the rollers behind the setting machine creates static electricity, the cloth is easily caught and sticks together, so that it can be easily rolled up and rolled up.

Q: Why do clothes and skin stick together, walking is inconvenient and embarrassing?

A: This is due to friction between the fabric and the skin, causing static electricity. If the fabric is not subjected to antistatic treatment, static electricity is not easily extracted and accumulates, and when it accumulates, it will stick to the skin.

Q: Why do you feel like a hand when you wrap cloth behind the setting machine?

A: Static electricity accumulates on the surface of the fabric due to friction between the fabric and the machine. If you do not have antistatic treatment, these static electricity is difficult to export. When the static charge reaches a certain amount, people will feel the electricity and squeak, and if it is serious, it will cause electric injury.

Dongguan Dapu Antistatic Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a high-efficiency, wide-ranging and easy-to-use anti-static liquid DP-303 through long-term exploration and improvement.

After finishing with antistatic liquid DP-303, the object resistance is significantly reduced and can reach 10E7-10E9. Therefore, the ability to prevent static electricity is very strong.

Anti-static liquid DP-303 has a short half-live of static charge, and its half-life decreases from 60S to <1S, so it can quickly derive the static electricity generated by friction on the surface of the object.

Anti-static liquid DP-303 is non-ionic and has good compatibility with additives. It can be applied to water repellent, softener, water and alcohol, and other products.

Anti-static liquid DP-303 has good compatibility, good anti-static performance, does not hurt the skin, the surface is not greasy, so it can reduce the process and save the cost. It is your best solution to static electricity.

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