Cable companies blindly march into the field of aluminum alloy cables

The annual output value of China's cable industry exceeds RMB 1 trillion, making it the world's largest cable producer. However, China is facing a big but weak situation. The development of China's cable industry suffers from pressures from multiple parties and has been subject to chaotic market competition and poor quality products. , excess capacity, profit margins are constantly being squeezed.

In this case, the aluminum alloy cable may become another export of the industry. In the future, the demand will be huge. If the national standard is introduced, the market may show a geometric increase. It is no doubt that for an industry that is not in a good time. It is the life-saving straw in the cable industry. The aluminium alloy copper aluminum alloy cable is being hotly fired, and the development of aluminum alloy cables has become an effective method for the cable industry in China to solve problems such as difficult development, chaos, and low price competition.

Although aluminum alloy cable has just started in China, in recent years it has maintained a rapid growth rate, which makes aluminum alloy conductor cable or will become the next investment boom.

With the gradual application of aluminum alloy cables and the increasing acceptance of users, related products in this field will be increasingly recognized by the market. In recent years, there have been many ups and downs in the country. In 2012, China's annual output of aluminum alloy cables is about 2 billion yuan, about 30,000 tons of aluminum alloy conductors, of which export cable products are about 500 million yuan.

The cable industry is flooded with too much of the past, and what they bring is more sad. Take Lita as an example. In 2008, there were 39 global towers, of which 26 were in China, accounting for 2/3 of the total number of global towers. In 2010, the total number of towers in the country increased to 52, and by 2013 it was It reached 78 seats. The increase in the number of Chinese towers is surprising. Among the 78 towers, there are a total of 100 VCV (vertical tower cross-linked) production lines across the country, due to the fact that there are two production lines in some of the towers. The annual output of these 100 production lines is about 30,000 kilometers, and it is estimated that this is 1.5 times the amount of the world, and it is also 3 times the amount of high voltage cables in China.

At present, more than 100 domestic companies have invested in the project. We need to be vigilant that once the cable market in China is opened, related industries may face a new round of impact, and the cable industry will also be affected by the passive expansion. The alloy cable must not be blindly expanded.

Repeat the mistakes. Before China's cable industry, there have been several investment booms, such as all-plastic local telephone cables, optical fiber cables, CCV production lines for medium voltage cross-linked cables, and high-voltage ultra-high voltage cables and VCV production lines. The over-indebted expansion has led to an even more serious industry in excess. Excessive abyss.

The amazing speed of development is a painful waste. The outcome of a swarm of bees is not always happy, but only idle assets. At present, the operating rate of some aluminum alloy cable companies is not set at 40%, and many production equipments are idle. According to Jiang Huajun, general manager of Far East Cable Co., Ltd., please do not blindly follow the trend. This is a deep pain lesson bought with real money and silver. In the face of this new direction of aluminum conductor cables, cable companies are cautioned against repeating common cables.

In fact, cable companies blindly march into the field of aluminum alloy cables, but also face many risks. First, the demand for aluminum-based copper has become higher and higher. Some companies and research institutes have set their sights on aluminum-based copper projects, which will push up aluminum prices. Second, users still hold a tentative attitude towards aluminum alloy cables. Although many industry experts are behind it, they are ultimately not the ultimate determinants of the market economy. Third, due to the lack of relevant industry standards for domestic aluminum conductor cables, the market is not standardized. China's cable industry standards lags behind, and there are still some gaps between European and other countries' standard systems. Fourth, due to technical restrictions, there is room for improvement in the pass rate of aluminum alloy cables.

We must not allow aluminum alloy cables to become the next industry with excess capacity. We must treat them rationally, and irrational disorderly competition can only hurt us and make the industry itself passive. As a cable company, we should treat aluminum alloys as a prosperous feast with an objective and calm attitude. From its own perspective, we should rationally allocate the production capacity structure, judge market trends, and proceed from the perspective of markets and sustainable development. The cable industry makes its own contribution.

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