Refueling maintenance of guide rail chain elevator

A. The hydraulic oil must be filtered and filled during refueling. The refueling tool should be cleaned reliably. It is not possible to remove the filter at the tank filler port in order to increase the refueling speed. Refuelling personnel should use clean gloves and work clothes to prevent solid impurities and fiber impurities from falling into the oil.
B. When dismantling, remove the cover of the hydraulic oil tank, the filter cover, the testing hole, the hydraulic oil pipe, etc., and avoid the dust when the system oil channel is exposed. The dismantling site must be thoroughly cleaned before opening. When disassembling the hydraulic fuel tank cap, remove the dirt around the fuel tank cap. After unscrewing the fuel tank cap, remove any debris that remains in the joint (do not flush it with water to prevent water from seeping into the tank). Make sure that the tank cap can be opened after cleaning. If you need to use the wiping material and the hammer, you should select the wiping material that can not get rid of the fiber impurities and the special hammer that attach the rubber on the striking surface. Hydraulic components, hydraulic hoses should be carefully cleaned, and then assembled with high pressure air. Use a genuine, well-packed filter cartridge (the internal packaging is damaged, and although the filter cartridge is in good condition, it may not be clean). Clean the filter at the same time when changing the oil. Before installing the filter element, clean the inside of the filter case with dirt by using a wiping material.
C. The hydraulic cleaning and cleaning oil of the hydraulic system must use the same hydraulic oil as that used in the system. The oil temperature should be between 45 and 80°C. Use large flow rates to remove impurities from the system as much as possible. The hydraulic system must be cleaned more than three times. After each cleaning, all the oil is released from the system when the oil is hot. After cleaning, clean the filter and replace it with a new one.

Aroma Ketone And Ether

In chemistry, a ketone is an organic compound.Ketones and aldehydes are simple compounds that contain a carbonyl group. 

Many ketones are known and many are of great importance in industry and in biology.

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Ketone And Ether

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