House decoration basic flow house decoration materials how to choose

Now want to own a new house, not only in the purchase of the house need to worry about the trend of housing prices, successful purchase of new homes but also for the decoration and hard work, and house decoration is a very complicated process. Here we come to understand the basic process of house decoration, and the related content of how to choose the house decoration materials.

First, the basic process of house renovation

1. The transformation of hydropower

Then we can start with the basic process of decorating our homes. In the process of renovation, the main transformation of this process is to demolish the wall, build the wall, shovel the wall and remove the heating, change the plastic window and so on. The next step is the transformation of the water circuit. Before this, the main body's renovation of the home renovation process should have been basically completed. Between the two stages of hydropower reform and main body demolition, there may be some homeowners who will know that they should also conduct a measurement of the cabinet.

2, carpentry and kitchen tiles

The decoration process in the home is followed by carpentry and bricklayers and oil workers. This is also the most important construction part of the house decoration. Then the order of their decoration process is wood-tile-oil. It is usually done in the order of “who is dirty? Who is dirty?” Usually, when the kitchen is renovated, tiles are used only on the walls and floors. For example, the wall tiles try to select a good degree of illumination of the indoor light, but also should pay attention to the use of comfort, the choice of floor tiles on the homeowner should choose, the interface should be small, non-slip tiles.

3, wall paint

After completing the above woodwork and kitchen tiling work, the next thing we need to complete is the painting of the interior wall, and we need to do some basic processes before painting. At the same time, it is also necessary to prepare wallpapers. The process of housing renovation only requires three brothers, namely wood, tile, and oil, and then they can do grassroots processing on the walls of the wallpaper.

4, kitchen ceiling

Before entering the hanging ceiling of the construction kitchen, all the materials we selected need to have some relevant functionalities. The materials used in the kitchen generally need to have the functional effects of fire protection, heat resistance and easy cleaning. For example, glazed tiled walls, aluminum ceilings, etc., and in addition to kitchen ceilings, homeowners should consider using waterproofing products such as waterproof gypsum board, water putty and high-performance waterproof latex paint.

Second, how to choose the house decoration materials

1. When the switch panel material used in the new house is selected, its shell and inner core metal requirements need to reach a sufficient thickness and weight, while the inner edge and inner structure do not touch the rough hand. Switching pressure when there is no astringent feeling, touch switches do not need to be very hard to touch, socket attention to whether the round hole straight hole universal, qualified brands are not too important. Wire insulation is thick enough, fold a few times, do not make it brittle, burn a part of the skin, look inside the thickness of the copper core, pay attention to distinguish between different levels of ordinary electrical appliances and high-power electrical appliances.

2. Then, when choosing the water pipe materials for home use, you may consider choosing a PPR fiberglass steady-state water pipe, which will have a light blue-green glass fiber layer in the middle than some ordinary PPR water pipes. Wall thickness hardness and toughness are enough, the internal diameter is large enough, than ordinary PPR pipe anti-freezing anti-hot cracking is better, sub-cold heat pipe, Baidu can be more detailed description and brand, choose the right one for yourself. In fact, there are not many problems with the water pipe, the key is the connection piece, the elbow joint valve Shenma's not to squat, all copper stainless steel friends what can not be floating.

The above related content on the basic process of house decoration and how to choose the house decoration materials is introduced here. I hope this helps everyone. For more details on the basic process of house renovation , please pay attention to this site, or visit the site directly under the line experience hall direct consultation!

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