What are the advantages of small smart locks? What are the advantages of smart locks?

In such a fast-growing era of intelligence, we are surrounded by a variety of novelty intelligences. The application of smart products to everyday life has brought immense convenience and enjoyment, and the door locks that we all use every day are more. There is a variety of novelty intelligence. The current smart lock market can be described as blooming flowers, foreign domestic brands continue to emerge, in which domestic brands in the reputation and sales of the best is a small smart cloud lock. The Xiaoyun cloud smart lock was produced by DSM Manufactory (China). Deschmann is one of the top ten fingerprint lock brands. A company will not use its own brand life to open quality jokes, especially locks, which are products related to life and property safety. In terms of packaging, the overall tone is white, with the center supplemented by the orange LOGO. There is a handle on the top for easy travel, and there are some manufacturers' information and product information on the side.

Little smart lock - Deschmann

Deschman Locks was born in Stuttgart, Germany. In order to comply with the process of industrial globalization, Deschmann came to China and adhered to the "stable, reliable, refined" German manufacturing concept and "reasonable luxury" product concept while at the same time Appearance and humanized function design, with particular emphasis on changes for Chinese consumers. DESSMANN also applied for dozens of Chinese and international patents in China. It is said that Dschman has the most complete fingerprint lock R&D and production center, and Xiaoxuan is a new product that it gives back to the Chinese market. Compared to other series under Dschman, Otaru is more affordable to the people. Of course, even if it is relatively inexpensive, it is still a bit expensive compared to traditional locks that cost several hundred yuan. But from the current smart fingerprint lock market, the price of more than 1,000 yuan is already considered entry-level. Taken together, Xiao Xiao is still a more reliable product, so using it as an example can be considered reliable.


Small smart lock - open box

Xiaoyan uses full-box packaging, the size of the box is not small, is 2 or 3 times the size of an ordinary shoe box, and the hand is also very heavy, only the small lock on the body weighs 5kg, the use of solid material or bring confidence .

Clearly organized, sub-packaged, Xiaoyan gives people a feeling of not going. The inner packaging adopts a layered design, all accessories are individually packaged, and the packaging carton is very thick. The figure below is its accessory box.

Smart unlock - cost effective

1. Xiaoyi has networking capabilities and belongs to the Internet of Things . Truly realize the qualitative leap of the concept of "cloud". The essence is the shift from electronic locks to smart locks.

2. The transfer of the screen was realized : the process of the first production of a lock-body large LCD screen visual operation, and then turned into a non-screen (using a mobile phone screen to replace the LCD screen), to achieve a two-way interactive man-machine interaction.

3, open door fun sense

4, self-locking body, simple installation, no damage to the door.

5, worry-free after-sales, a strong "intellectual worry-free" APP, services more than 3,000 landing sites nationwide, 2 hours after-sale home.

After learning about the 18 martial arts of “Little Kuangyun Smart Lock”, do you want to have this artifact which is both convenient, safe and practical and can hold X?

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