What about smart locks? Intelligent door lock advantage analysis

With the increasing popularity of smart door locks, users are beginning to accept smart door locks to enter their homes. Smart door locks can not only play a role in protecting home security, but also link other smart home systems to make home smarter. So what about intelligent door locks? What are their advantages?

Smart door lock introduction

In the normal residential security environment, usually the method of opening the door lock handle can not ensure the safety performance, it is very easy to drill the hole from the outside of the door and then use the wire rolling handle to open the door. Recently, the smart lock has a patented skill guarantee. In the handle set in the room, a safe handle button is added. It is necessary to press and hold the safety handle button to roll the handle door to open the door and bring about a safer operating environment.


Recent smart locks also have a virtual bit coding function, that is, in front of or behind a registered password, it is possible to input an arbitrary number as a dummy bit code, which is useful for preventing the registered password from leaking and opening the door lock together. The recent smart lock touch screen will take the initiative to appear, 3 minutes will automatically lock. Whether the password is now set, whether the door lock is now open or closed, the number of the password or the registered number of the door card, the battery replacement prompt, the plugging of the lock tongue, the low voltage and other conditions, all appear on the screen. .

Intelligent door lock advantage analysis

In general, fingerprint locks are inconvenient when using functions such as password/fingerprint registration. Especially when the elderly and children use them, the recently-existing smart lock can open its common voice prompt function, allowing the user to operate more concisely and easily.


The smart locks of the top ten lock brands in China are different from the normal mechanical locks, and have an active electronic sensing determination system. When it actively detects the closed state at the door, the system will actively lock the system. The smart lock can pass fingerprints, touch screens, and cards open the door locks. Traditional mechanical locks do not pay extra attention to its appearance. Today's smart locks are not only suitable for everyone's taste from the appearance of the plan, but also invented smart locks that have the same smart feeling as Apple. Intelligent locks are now quietly on the market.

Recently, the smart lock is different from the previous method of opening and re-scanning, and the scanning method is very simple. A top-down scan can be performed by placing a finger on the top of the scanning position without pressing the finger at the scanning position, and the scanning method is further reduced. Residual fingerprints greatly reduce the possibility of fingerprints being copied and securely enjoyed.

How? Look at this article, presumably you know more about smart locks, quickly buy a smart lock it! Let your family into the era of intelligence.

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