The principle of decoration design of soda fountains in order to attract consumers

The cold drinks shop is best opened in a relatively high traffic area, people will see through the store after spending, for the cold drinks shop decoration design not only to pursue the appearance of beauty, the choice and placement of internal items, but also need special attention. The following Xiao Bian introduced the principle of decoration design for cold drinks shops.

Cool drink shop decoration design principles

Refreshing shop decoration not only appearance to be beautifully decorated, internal items should be placed neat, clean, such as: seats, tables, decorations, which require special attention, so before the decoration is best to first ask the designer to design.

Cold Drink Shop decoration design principles II

The color of the cold drinks shop should be refreshing and clear. The overall appearance of the cold drink shop can be made of ancient wooden decoration. The color of the door No. 2 window can also be selected from natural wood color, which can better highlight the characteristics and style of the cold drink shop.

Cool drink shop decoration design principle three

Cooling shop wall materials can choose latex paint, this wall material is more common, choose more warm colors in the color. In addition, if you do not want to be too monotonous wall, you can also do some decoration on the wall, you can hang decorative painting or graffiti some patterns to embellishment.

Cold Drink Shop Decoration Design Principle IV

The signature of the cold drink shop is atmospheric, and it can use bronze, convex hollow words, sparkling, so more rich, luxurious sense, the effect is very good; with plastic words have gorgeous luster, it is relatively simple to make, but the time After a long time, the gloss will recede and the plastic will age. Therefore, it cannot be used for a long time. The wood wording is simple, but it will crack after the sun and rain, and it needs regular maintenance to paint.

Editor's summary: The principle of decoration design of the soda fountain shop is introduced here, and it is hoped to be helpful to everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

Cold soda shop decoration

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