Analyze the bedroom bedside head facing Feng Shui

The bedside of the bedroom is feng shui. It is a theory that has been studied since ancient times. Li Wei Weng said in a paragraph of "Easy Sending" that it is a very incisive statement: "When life is a hundred years old, it is half of the day, half of the night. Where you are, lying or squatting, or boat or car, there is no place, but there is only one bed at night. You can see the importance of the bedside orientation of the bedroom. Let's take a look at it!

One of the bedroom heads facing the feng shui: the head of the bed is facing the external wall to bury the disease

Someone wants to put the big bed against the low window sill. He felt that the wind was smoother. Unexpectedly, I could not sleep after living in a new house. It turns out that although the area of ​​the bed is increased, all kinds of light and sound at night often wake him up and affect sleep.

Relevant experts pointed out: In general, the walls of houses can be divided into exterior walls and interior walls. The external wall (adjacent to the outdoor) tends to have high humidity and large temperature difference; the inner wall (divided indoor room) has low relative humidity and small temperature difference. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep on the inner wall against the inner wall and not to sleep against the corner of the wall, so that it is not easy to get sick. For young people, you may not feel any discomfort when sleeping on the outer wall, but when you are old, you may develop chronic diseases such as cervical spondylosis and rheumatism.

The bedside of the bedroom faces the feng shui 2: the placement of the bed is best based on information such as the owner’s numerology.

For example, if a person's numerology is in the wood and the direction of the wood is in the east, I will advise him to head toward the east, which will make up for the shortcomings in his character and enhance his fortune in all aspects. What is especially obvious is that he is most beneficial to his health and sleep. Everyone's numerology information is innate and cannot be changed. However, the fortune of the day can be improved by some artificial methods and means. The correct choice of bedside orientation is an effective method.

Choosing the Jiriji Kyrgyzstan, which is in line with the owner's numerology, can be placed in order to promote the development of the owner's career, and it is conducive to the emotional relationship between the husband and wife, and is more conducive to family business. Of course, if you can combine other feng shui problems, the bed will not come to the door, no window, no mirror or toilet, and the bed will be clean and not stored.

The bedside of the bedroom is facing the third of Feng Shui, and the best choice for the bedside of the bedroom is north-south.

Choose the north-south orientation and be able to move magnetically. Head heading north and south to sleep, is conducive to health, the aorta, large veins in the blood circulation of the human body is very important, and the direction is consistent with the direction of the person's head and foot. This way, you can sleep quickly and sleep well. The quality of your sleep is also quite good! The bedside can't go west, which can lead to sleep instability; if the head is sleeping in the east, it will feel peaceful.

The bedside of the bedroom faces the fourth of Feng Shui, and the bed cannot have a beam press.

There is no beam press on the bedside of the bedroom. We all know that especially the traditional old houses have beams. If the beam presses cause people to feel depressed, it will damage people's physical and mental health. Make people rest badly. Can't have a better state to meet the challenge.

The bedroom bed heads towards the feng shui five, the bed can not be facing the main entrance

If the bed is facing the main entrance, others will see you as soon as they enter. There is no sense of privacy and security. It is easy to wake you up with a little movement, which will affect the rest of the residents. If the bed and the door are flushed, they can be shielded by the screen, which can block the bed door from colliding and maintain the privacy of the bedroom.

The bedside of the bedroom faces the Feng Shui six, and the bedroom bed should not be empty.

The bed is suitable for the real thing, the bed needs to be close to the wall, can not rely on the window, if the bed is not against the wall then you need to have a headboard, the head can not be suspended, the back of the bed can not be the toilet or the kitchen. It is best to lean against a wall, so that we can feel safer. The overall feeling is also quite comfortable.

The bedroom bed is facing the feng shui seven, the bedroom bedside can not face the mirror

The bed can't face the mirror. The state of being half-sleeping and half-awake is easily scared by the shadow in the mirror, and it will lead to dizziness.

Editor's Note: The bedside orientation of the bedroom has a very important impact on our health and fortune, so we need to pay more attention to these factors when placing the bedside. I hope that the above content sharing can help you.

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