Kitchen decoration experience

Because the kitchen gives different designers, it will design a variety of different design effects, and the kitchen utensils are also different. To decorate a suitable kitchen, there are really many problems to consider. The following experiences are The designer's experience has also been shared with everyone from the Internet, and I hope to help everyone's kitchen decoration.

[1] The kitchen light should be bright. It is best to install a light above the pool or the cutting dish. Otherwise, my vision will be the same as the scorpion at night. Kitchen cabinets must have drawers

[2] When decorating the kitchen, I only considered the width of the refrigerator, but forgot the thickness of the refrigerator. I forgot that there was a metal plate at the bottom of the refrigerator. I only measured the thickness of the refrigerator. The result was 5 cm, which was originally placed in the refrigerator. The place is not enough. The refrigerator has to be figured out, and it is near the door. I don't know if I should change the refrigerator. The original refrigerator was very expensive and was not willing to stay for rental. Really annoying!!!

[3] Do not walk the gas pipe between the gas pipeline and the kitchen gas water heater. If you open a groove in the wall and bury the PVC concealed pipe, you do not need to punch holes in the platen. The power switch for kitchen appliances, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. should be pre-designed. Don't buy matt ceramic tiles, otherwise it will be hard to rub.

[4] Make the DX of the whole cabinet must pay attention to the level of the gusset, otherwise the original shape will be revealed after the cabinet is installed; the water pipe should be upwards, otherwise the hose of the faucet is too short, and it must be re-purchased;

[5] The artificial marble is so tender that the ash or impurities on the rag can make its face fall. If you don't have the money to buy DuPont Corian, try to use white or light color, so even if there are scratches, it is not so obvious, pity my black countertop!

[6] marble countertops, don't listen to js (profiteer) said to use silica gel, in addition to marble calculation according to square, chamfering fee, grinding edge fee, other expenses should not be included, labor costs are included in the square fee, especially Do not use silica gel, it is a waste, it is originally cemented marble. I was fooled and used more than one hundred yuan of silica gel to lay marble.

[7] When making kitchen cabinets, the size of the sink should be considered in advance. The distance between the keels determines the size of the sink. My keel spacing is relatively small, and it is very troublesome to buy the sink later. The sink goes to the big building materials supermarket, such as obi. The price of the famous brand in the big market is not cheap, and the quality of the big market is mad.

[8] The countertop dug down from the sink, making a 300*700 breakfast table under the kitchen window.

[9] The white artificial stone countertop of the kitchen is just for God to supply it. If there is any oil or dirty water in normal operation, it should be wiped off quickly, otherwise it will always be inside. It’s annoying!

[10] The cabinet did not have a drawer, thinking that blue was omnipotent. The drainage problem was considered to be a week, which caused the dishwasher to be installed three times, and it is still in shock.

[11] The position of the kitchen water bucket is too middle, the water pipe is first clothed, and the water level of the faucet position cannot be moved. It should be clear to the decoration team at the beginning.

[12] The cooker and disinfection cabinet are only used when the cabinet is opened and the cabinet is designed. Because the cooker should be opened according to the size, this is the last thing. The disinfection cabinet should be earlier, the cabinet should be retested. Get the size, otherwise the cabinet can't be further designed. If you are a decoration company to make cabinets, you can give them the size of the disinfection cabinet you can see. Now even if you buy it, you can also measure the size there. . If you cut the price, you will regret it.

[13] Add a few layers of partitions inside the kitchen cabinet, yes. My cabinet door uses LG Platinum point fire board, the effect is good, but if you want to renovate, you may consider ordering the finished door panel. The door made by hand is not exquisite and is for reference only. The artificial stone countertops are not cheap, the bargain management is very chaotic, and many goods are not serious on the board. I didn't see these problems at the counter, but when I saw it at the processing plant, I found out the truth. I ran all over the city to collect a variety of brand samples, and finally used the expensive "Monterey." Is it better not to know, only know that comprehensive consideration of price, quality can afford.

[14] The position of the artificial stone countertop opening should be reassured by yourself, especially the under counter basin. My countertop is narrow, and the big pots and the workers say that they can't install them. However, I have completed the installation perfectly under my own personal planning. From the opening position to the support plan, I have to plan my own. Don't trust the wisdom of workers too much.

[15] Install the range hood after installing the cabinet, a big mistake!! The range hood is troublesome to install, and the seam between the cabinets is also relatively large. It is best to install at the same time.

[16] The basin faucet must be well-handed with the back switch, the kind that must be kept clean with fingers, and it is difficult to turn it when there is oil on the hand.

[17] The edge line used on the cabinet is best to buy more and compare more. If you buy other materials and buy it at the same time, you can't get a good price at all. This is a very profitable product, very cheap!

[18] A rice cooker socket was designed next to the kitchen gas stove. There was no size. As a result, the cabinet was retested and found to be above a burner eye. Considering that this is a security risk in the future, it is necessary to talk about the shift of the stove, which makes the console shrink.

[19] Relocation of the gas pipeline of the house: directly to find the gas pipeline of the community to pull, (let the property help you find them) The price can be discussed. The fee I changed was 60 (the price he gave me was 160).

[20] Concealed works must be done well, especially in the kitchen socket position, otherwise it will affect the size and overall effect of the kitchen cabinet.

[21] For the sake of safety, it is best to have a socket at the upper end of the kitchen door to allow the gas alarm to be placed in the future. This must not be saved. If it is a narrow kitchen, the cabinet is on the head, it is best to install a chandelier above the cabinet, otherwise it will be backlit at night.

[22] The location of the refrigerator is not well thought out. Now, looking at the kitchen from the living room of the house, I want to have a corridor. And the switch of the kitchen is behind the refrigerator.

[23] The gas pipe leading to the water heater of the cabinet should never be put on from the lower cabinet; the gas pipe leading to the cooker should have a height of 70-75cm, and if it is too low, the space will be lost. Under the gas stove, if you want to design a disinfection cabinet or drawer, you must consider not touching the gas pipe.  

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