Small household feng shui taboo knowledge Raiders

The theory of feng shui is that everyone has been more faithful since ancient times. Everyone is more concerned about the feng shui of the house. When you buy a house, you will see feng shui. Some East and West letters have no conviction. If you look at feng shui, you will also miss some small knowledge points. The following small series will explain to you the problem of small-sized feng shui.

Fengshui fault

Because the indoor space is small, the small-sized house is like a small amount of lungs. Therefore, when the door of the door is in line with the door of the opposite house, when the door is close to the door, the indoor space of a pair of households is larger than that of the household. Large lung capacity), representing the gas field of the door-to-door distance space, will be absorbed by the opposite household.

Fortune influence

The area of ​​the living room has been too small for the feng shui, and the gas field outside the gate has been sucked away, which is even worse. People living in such houses are not prone to good interpersonal relationships, and it is harder for them to appear. It is even more difficult to promote work and careers. Think about it, the gas field is plundered, and the opportunities that represent life are often easily taken away by others.


Such a building structure is the usual pattern of an apartment or building, 99% of which is the same. So I am afraid it is not easy to find a house with a wrong door. However, there is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid that there are people in mind, even if you lock in the vicinity of the school or business district, you can still run several sections, sometimes planning the construction of affordable housing, but more than the commercial residential area has the opportunity to find the door that is not right. .


If the door is opposite the door, the distance between the two doors should be as large as possible. If you can't find a small house with a door that is not right, at least the space between the two doors is relatively wide, or the distance between the two gates is relatively long. Once the spatial distance is widened, even if the space of the opposite household is relatively large (large vital capacity), the gas field between the door-to-door between the two households is small and easy to be taken away, but it is not completely completely Take a glimpse of the light, and this family can at least get some people to eat the rest. In this way, in the interpersonal relationship, how much can leave a little room for development; the opportunity for the help of the people will not be completely severed; the business development of the work business has the potential to promote. Even if the situation is difficult and embarrassing, you can also find a space and opportunity to survive from the cracks.

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