Beijing Yidehaipu mechanical equipment manual hydraulic pump

Manual Hydraulic Pump Beijing Yidehaipu Machinery Co., Ltd. manual hydraulic pump for its easy to use and reliable is widely used in all areas related to the hydraulic system, PM series manual hydraulic pump has many practical features: 1. The pump can be used with Up and down the joystick, continuous output pressure oil. 2. The pump provides users with a convenient and easy installation, multi-port output pressure in different directions, for the user to connect the tubing provides a convenient choice. 3. With the pump configuration unloading valve, the valve allows users to easily and simply control the implementation of components. 4. With the pump configuration of the rubber boot effectively to ensure the harsh environment of the product's work. 5, its double-acting structure of the working principle effectively reduces the operating lever of the operating force. 6. The rational design of the pump structure for the user to choose a higher configuration provides the possibility. 7. Can be used as backup power source and electric system in a variety of hydraulic systems. 8 products are easy to maintain, high reliability. About Beijing Yidehaipu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Beijing Yidehaopu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise that grew up during the reform and opening up. It has passed ISO9001 / 2000 International Quality System Certification [code: 02407Q10322R0S] and Dun & Bradstreet credit qualification 【DUNS Encoding:】. Sales Italian Hai Pu company hydraulic pump station, and according to user requirements preparation of various imported hydraulic pump station. The company sells a variety of hydraulic hand pumps, a wide range of applications. The company also design, production, marketing all kinds of hydraulic lifting platform and other hydraulic equipment.

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