Ten Feng Shui principles during renovation

When the house is renovated, the design of Feng Shui is as important as the overall design of the room. Therefore, when designing the home decoration, we must pay attention to the setting of Feng Shui. If the house is renovated, if there is any problem with the feng shui, then change it. It’s too late, so for the health, career, and study of the family, we must pay attention to the feng shui of the house during the decoration design. Xiaobian tells everyone about the feng shui problem of the house and hopes to help everyone.

Feng Shui Design Principles 1. Living in a high place, facing a slow flowing river or a calm and serene lake, such a site is better and can benefit from the environment.

Feng Shui design principle 2, facing south, and the front of the house is flat and open, such a house has a good feng shui. Because in China, the summer southerly winds will continue to update and bring superior quality.

Feng Shui Design Principles 3. The house is not facing north or northeast because the north wind will bring yellow earth dust and the pollution to the home is very serious.

Feng Shui Design Principle 4, the external environment of a clothing building or a town should be low and high now. There are valleys, seas or lowlands in the front, and hills, mountains or highlands in the future, in order to be able to rely on it and get good gas. If there is only one piece of land in front of you, the back is just an inconspicuous bulge, just barely able to live.

Feng Shui Design Principle 5, the selected address must be relatively clean surface to facilitate drainage, otherwise the sewage will not flow out, it will be easy to hide dirt.

Feng Shui Design Principle 6. Trees are planted for comfort. It can reduce the noisy from the boulevard and give people a sense of calmness, but the trees should not be too much, otherwise it will hinder the necessary sunlight in the room and hinder the flow of gas. .

Feng Shui Design Principle 7. From the perspective of feng shui, a house is located at the end of the dead lane, but the terrain is not good. Because in this case, it will be affected by too much suffocation from the boulevard. This is even worse if the front door is aligned with the intersection.

Feng Shui Design Principle 8. Similarly, if a house faces the intersection of a T-shaped or Y-shaped road, it will be seriously affected by the suffocation.

Feng Shui Design Principles 9. Of course, the shape of the mountain around the building or market town, the height, the distance, and the orientation all affect the physical and physical health of the occupants.

Feng Shui Design Principle 10: There is no other angle of the house near the house, or an unfavorable feng shui such as “Scorpio”.

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