Power Equipment Online Monitoring Market Analysis

The necessary monitoring of electrical equipment to ensure its stable operation is of great significance to the reliability and safety of power system operation. With the continuous development and maturity of on-line monitoring technology and the successful application of online monitoring technology in China's power system in recent years, state-of-the-art maintenance has replaced the periodic inspection with the power system, which has been accepted and recognized by the power system, and has become an inevitable trend for equipment maintenance.

For a long time, China’s power system has implemented a periodic maintenance system for power equipment, that is, testing and maintenance of equipment according to the planned time period. This has the disadvantages of overhaul and overhaul. With the new changes in the form of power equipment defects, on-line monitoring of partial discharges, on-line monitoring of chromatographic and SF6 gas quality began to increase. State Grid Corporation of China clearly stated that it is necessary to fully promote the implementation of equipment condition maintenance from 2010 onwards, comprehensively increase the level of equipment intelligence, promote the application of intelligent equipment and technologies, and realize online safety warning and intelligent monitoring of equipment.

The online monitoring technology of power equipment refers to the measurement and diagnosis systems and technologies that can be directly installed on the power equipment to record the characteristics of the equipment's operating status in real time. The on-line monitoring system is generally composed of advanced sensor technology, computer and information processing technology, communication system, expert analysis system and a relatively complete system data information library.

Take the primary on-line monitoring system for primary equipment in substations as an example, there are: on-line monitoring of capacitance and dielectric loss of capacitive devices; on-line monitoring of full-current and resistive currents of metal oxide arresters; on-line monitoring of transformer oils on-line, optical fiber On-line temperature monitoring, on-line ultra-high-frequency on-line monitoring, casing placement, dielectric loss on-line monitoring, online monitoring of on-load dynamic characteristics of on-load switches; GIS ultra-high-frequency on-line monitoring, micro-water on-line monitoring; monitoring of switch mechanical characteristics and Switchgear optical fiber temperature monitoring, SF6 gas density on-line monitoring.

The value of investment in the field of on-line monitoring of power equipment is highlighted, and the high growth of downstream demand for on-line monitoring products can be maintained. First, the strategy for state-owned power grid companies to implement state maintenance and build smart grids has been determined, and grid reliability requirements have become more stringent. On-line monitoring of products has become an indispensable and important component; second, in addition to newly-increased transformer substations, there are even more existing stock transformations. Large space; third is the trend of online monitoring products from single product monitoring to the development of substation integrated monitoring systems. In addition, with the increase in power equipment and the shortage of line workers, the power grid needs to rely on on-line monitoring of products to improve management.

Judging from the State Grid Corporation's tendering situation, the current market for on-line monitoring products is mainly concentrated in the substations of the smart grid. State Grid Corporation of China has also made the status monitoring system of substations an important part of smart substations in the smart grid planning report. The intelligent substation can realize on-line monitoring of major equipment and important parameters such as transformer oil chromatography, partial discharge of the combination electric appliance, and full current of lightning arrester through the state monitoring unit, and provides basic data support for grid equipment management. The real-time status information can be used to make initial decisions after analysis and processing by the expert system to implement the self-diagnosis function of intelligent devices in the station.

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