Children's room layout feng shui notes to leave a backup strategy for children

In the decorated children's room, the rest area and study area are generally set up. When laying out the children's room, did parents have a deeper understanding of how these areas should be arranged? What areas should be suitable for each area? The following small series introduces you to the orientation of the children's room for improving health and fortune, bringing health and comfort to your children. Life!

1. Main points of rest area layout

The main furniture in the rest area is the bed, the child's bed is located in the east, the bed is facing southeast or east. In this way, the sun in the morning will not directly reach the eyes, which will help improve the quality of the child's sleep. At the same time, the representative of the East is full of vigor and vitality, and the bedside faces east, which means giving children vitality and health.

In addition to paying attention to the orientation, the layout of the rest area needs attention. The rest area should be protected from air currents from doors and windows. Therefore, the rest area should be laid out in a diagonal position of the door, and the window must be kept away from the bed. In addition, the child's bed must be "reliant", the bed and the side of the bed must be against the wall, so that the child sleep more stable and healthy.

2. Learning area layout points

It is recommended that the study area of ​​the children's room face the south. The so-called "relaxed south, drop out of school". Although it is helpful to study in the north, the study area is laid out in a warm and bright south. It allows children to relax in the process of learning and avoid excessive stress on their children's learning process, which affects their physical and mental health.

The study area is suitable for setting in a good lighting position, which not only helps to improve the child's learning efficiency, but also allows the child to get enough energy for healthy development. Therefore, the desk or the reading area can be placed in the vicinity of the window.

Xiaobian's message: In addition to the layout of the children's room and the study area, the children's room is also at the location of the home. The general children's room is preferred to be located in the east or southeast of the house. These two directions can receive the energy of the sun in the morning, which is beneficial to the healthy development of children. In addition, boys and girls are best treated separately, the East is shocking, representing the long man, the southeast is the sui, representing the eldest daughter, and choose different bedroom orientations for the child's gender.

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