What are the characteristics of liquid wallpaper?

What are the characteristics of liquid wallpaper? Liquid wallpaper, also known as wallpaper paint, is an environmentally friendly water-based paint that combines wallpaper and latex paint. It is a new type of art paint.

Through a variety of special tools and techniques to match different coloring processes, the wall surface produces a variety of texture textures and artistic effects of light and shade transitions, bringing wall paints from a synthetically smooth era to a new era of natural environmentally friendly bumpy coatings. , Satisfy the diversified decorative needs of consumers, and thus become the most fashionable decorative elements of modern space. In addition, the liquid wallpaper is made of acrylic emulsion, titanium dioxide, pigments, and other additives, and it is also made of shellfish by high temperature treatment. Adhesives use non-toxic, harmless organic colloids and are truly natural and environmentally friendly products. Liquid wallpaper is a water-based paint, so it also has good moisture resistance, antibacterial properties, not easy to insects, not easy to aging and many other advantages.

On the market, the price of a roll of mid-range wallpaper is about RMB 400/volume. If you calculate 5.2 square meters of wall surface per roll, the mid-range wallpaper costs about 79.4 to 84.6 yuan/square meter. According to the current coating price level, the mid-range decoration costs about 40 yuan to 60 yuan per square meter. With the same degree of decoration, wallpaper cost is obviously more expensive than paint. On the one hand, the reason is that the relatively transparent paint prices, especially the brand paints, have less room for price elasticity; and there are many brand names in the wallpaper, and there are a lot of trickery. The owners are easily fallible, and there are many varieties of wallpapers. Thousands of products, manufacturers have to invest a lot of abrasive costs, the cost will naturally increase.

Liquid wallpaper features:

1. No odor, no volatile organic compounds (VOC), no heavy metals, asbestos, glass fibers, formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

2, no cracking, no fall off, no drums. Hyun-color wall clothing fully utilizes the unique flexibility and breathability of fibrous tissue and integrates with the wall.

3, unique texture and texture, more natural and luxurious.

4, bright colors and relief appearance combined, fully show their own personality, a variety of colors can be combined to form a variety of special patterns, embossed texture changes the traditional coating of the plane effect.

5. Convenient for construction / molding once, without wall polishing, effectively avoiding dust, noise and spillage, and will not pollute the indoor environment.

6, with excellent flexibility, can cover all kinds of cracks and defects in the wall, ceiling, make up for wall defects.

7. Unique traceless repair. After the wood fiber wall clothing is defaced, it is only necessary to wipe out the contaminated part and use the new material to roll over the eradicated area. This can be traceless, seamless, and free of color.

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