Glass Mosaic Buying and Construction Knowledge

Glass Mosaic Buying and Construction Knowledge

Buy common sense

Purchase area There are many specifications for mosaic on the market. The thickness of the glass mosaic is 2-3mm. The thickness of the ceramic mosaic is about 4mm. The thickness of the stone is relatively large, generally about 1cm. Because the mosaic area is very small, it is sold as "sheets", which are made up of pieces of mosaic monomer joined together by paper or plastic mesh. For example: The most common glass mosaic, a "piece" is 30 cm X 30 cm, if the mosaic single area of ​​2.5 cm X 2.5 cm, then there are a total of 12 X12 block mosaic on this "piece" mosaic. In the building materials mall, "film" is the minimum sales unit, in other words, to buy at least "one."

Connection method

The general paper connection is glass full body mosaic, moire mosaic, gold line mosaic, individual ceramic mosaic. The paper connection is generally a paper attached to the front of the mosaic; the connection with the plastic net includes crystal mosaics, bread tiles and free-stone ceramic mosaics, stone mosaics, and net connections are generally attached to the back of the mosaic.

Construction knowledge

First of all, pay attention to the mosaic spread in the bathroom, you need to put glue, now the most common construction method is "cement + 108 glue + sealant."

Mosaic of the net connection: Since the net is attached to the back of the mosaic, the cement is directly brushed, glued, and then affixed to the mosaic. Finally, the seam is finally sealed. That is, its net is still connected to the mosaic.

Mosaic of paper connections: Because the paper is attached to the front of the mosaic, the construction step is to first brush the cement, then call the sealant at the back of the paper, add glue, paste the mosaic, remove the paper, and then brush the sealant, wipe clean, ie The paper was removed during construction to expose the front of the mosaic.

However, due to the mosaic effect of paving and the level of mechanics have a lot to do. Good results should be evenly spaced, horizontal and vertical, clean, smooth surface.

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