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Tibet, a place where many people want to travel. The pure blue sky and open vision there make people feel the original condition and feel the pure faith. Most of the people living there are religious. Because of this, their inner peace is calm and peaceful. A culture affects a kind of life. Tibetans often reflect their religious characteristics in their lives, including clothing and home life. Today Xiaobian will take you to learn about the characteristics of Tibetan furniture and the scene of Tibetan life.

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The cold plateau climate and poor living environment have created the national character of the brave and fortitude of the Tibetan people. It has also formed a unique snow culture in the Tibetan areas. Tibetan furniture is a wonderful work in traditional Chinese furniture, and it attracts attention. Due to the limited geographical distribution of Tibet, forests are mainly distributed in the southeast of Tibet and in the humid areas on the southern slope of the Himalayas. There is a lack of timber inside the plateau, and transportation is difficult. When the economy was backward, only the high-level monks, aristocrats or upper class people used it. Can afford beautiful Tibetan furniture. Therefore, if there is an exquisite Tibetan table, cabinet and butter tea bucket among Tibetan families, the owner is proud.

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Although the Tibetan furniture is monotonous and has few varieties, their mysterious and colorful styles and quaint styles have become the fashion boutique for Petty. For enthusiasts, Tibetan furniture is more than just an item, but a cultural symbol.

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Thanks to Tibet’s rich religious resources and long history, the lives of Tibetan compatriots are centered on religion. Almost all Tibetan-style furniture is covered by brilliant paintings, and religious stories and historical legends are faithfully recorded on the patterns, making these furniture It is quite rich in storytelling in the quiet snowy region. Some furniture surfaces also have wonderful texture changes because of time.

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Tibetan furniture is generally made of walnut, pine (such as cedar), linzhi spruce and Himalayan redwood (also known as Tibetan larch) and other softwood production, but also some cabinets have simple carving, use of rare highland hardwood, but compared Rare. Due to the prevalence of humid conditions and pests in Tibetan Plateau, the damage to wood is very serious and some furniture cannot be retained for a long time. However, the butter lamp ash can form an effective protective layer.

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There are mainly Tibetan cabinets and Tibetan tables in the Tibetan national furniture. The cabinet has a "comparison" of books, about 1.1 meters high, with glass over the door. Usually placed in the corner of the cushion. "Caigang" (meaning double counters) must be paired, slightly higher than the "ratio of posts," and placed in front of the house along the wall with Buddhist shrines placed above.

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Tibetan furniture decoration pattern Bocaizhongchang, gorgeous and beautiful, common dragon, animal pattern, plant pattern, Leiyun pattern, geometric patterns and so on. Patterns are mostly related to wealth and jewelry.

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Tibetan classical furniture mainly includes three categories: Tibetan tables, cabinets, and boxes. There are relatively few types of Tibetan furniture. Buying Tibetan furniture now mainly plays a decorative role in the home.

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