Look at American decoration style model room to feel the rough style of American style

To create a high-quality home life, improve the quality of life, home improvement design should start with the determination of home style. The American style attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life and fully displays the plain flavor. The American style combines the classicism of the classic style with the neoclassical perfection. It is both simple and neat and easy to take care of. It is naturally more suitable for the daily use of modern people. American style is a very popular style in modern home improvement. Its shape is simple, bright, and beautiful and practical, so it is more and more popular with modern people. What are the different styles of American style decoration model house pictures?

Please close your eyes and think about what the American style of the heart looks like. Fireplace, crystal chandelier, neo-classical but large size sofa in the corner? Or do you have an impressionist painting on the wall, a fabric sofa with a floral pattern, and a garden style with a simple white coffee table? Or is it in the LOFT space, filled with space for foreign purchases from tourism purchases? In fact, the American-style home is just like the spirit of American independence. What pays attention is how to accumulate one's own inspiration for art and the taste of taste through life experiences, and find a unique aesthetic space. From the design, type, and decoration techniques, you have analyzed the fusion of diverse style aesthetics, and further taught you to create your own American world in your life, enrich your life history and develop taste!

Just like the American home in the common American movies, there are photographs of family members in the corner. There are small gardens that are not willing to give up. There is laughter to open the kitchen around the family. The bright bathroom makes people feel tired. . . . . . American home is not only a style, but also an attitude of life. I believe you will love it.

American decoration style model room 01:

Vintage brick decoration combined with cabinets, colorful colors in the white cabinet, decorated with a lively sense of design. A variety of retro bricks are used on the floor and cabinets, and the shape tiles and stonewashers have a rough touch on the outside and turn into a belt with a transparent partition wall. A few leisure factors become natural mood adjustments.

American decoration style model room 02:

The classic American-style plaid lines in the kitchen paint the light green grass of nature. The front bar not only integrates the function of the electrical cabinet, but also the mosaic tiles make the dining fun and light up the colorful country life.

American decoration style model room 03:

American living rooms generally have fireplaces, simple fabrics or leather sofas are mostly a combination of twos and threes and carpets of the same color. The main colors of the living room are mainly brown, yellow and brick red. Under normal circumstances, some green plants can be placed to adjust the color and heavy atmosphere. Chandeliers are used less often, such as floor lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and candles, which are scattered light sources. This helps to create a warm atmosphere for the family.

American decoration style model room 04:

The design of the restaurant is not in accordance with the traditional model, but the asymmetrical mix has a different kind of beauty. The dining table is on one side of the dining table and the other side is a bench, which gives people a feeling of comfort. This dining environment is very easy.

Xiao Bian summary: After reading these American decoration style model house pictures, do you have a deeper understanding of American style? The American style represents people's yearning for nature, advocating for freedom, and making your home American!

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