Is there any special significance and role in the processing of gold in Dongguan?

Is there any special significance and role in the processing of the sheet metal in Dongguan? Is there any special significance and role in the processing of the sheet metal in Dongguan?

The role of the hole in Dongguan sheet metal processing:

The sheet metal processing hole is a hole formed by removing the material on the sheet metal product. The shape of the hole has a square hole, a circular hole, and a special hole. The manufacturing equipment used is mainly processing equipment such as wire cutting, punch punching, laser cutting and drilling. The following small series introduces you to its role:

1. Process hole, which has the functions of weight reduction, ventilation and avoidance

2, positioning holes, between the two products or between the two features to position the hole

3, the hardware hole, for the riveting hardware and the bottom hole opened in the special room

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The company has Germany TRUMPF laser cutting machine, AMODA CNC bending machine, CNC V groove machine, automatic welding equipment. At the same time, we introduced the first-class technical specialists in the industry to create an efficient team with excellent technology and first-class service. The company has passed the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and has now become the American Matte Group and the German Gestamp Group. And qualified suppliers of many excellent companies such as Foxconn Technology Group.

Dongguan Fangliang Haojin Products Co., Ltd. is one of the most powerful manufacturers of laser-cut sheet metal products in the Pearl River Delta region. All colleagues of the company will be waiting for your inquiries with 100% service enthusiasm.

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