Incorrect use, resulting in damage to the lithium battery

Mobile power has become an indispensable digital device for most consumers in daily life. Whether it is in the subway or on the flight, train or long-distance bus to the destination, we can see it. At the same time that we enjoy the convenience of mobile power, the safety performance of everyone is also familiar to everyone. After all, the internal lithium battery core will make the life of the mobile power supply end prematurely under the wrong operation.
Since most of the mobile power sources currently on the market are composed of three major components: lithium batteries (including 18650 or polymer), circuit boards and housings, and in the traditional impression of people, when it comes to the safety of lithium batteries, Naturally, it is associated with various "explosions." So today we will talk about how to properly operate the mobile power in daily use to avoid the various deaths of lithium batteries inside the mobile power supply.
Since the lithium battery inside the mobile power supply is proportional to the weight, and some mobile power supplies with a capacity of tens of thousands of milliamperes have more than 200g of their own weight, and with the design of the plastic case, it is easy to drop the product casing when the drop occurs. Bad. Especially the low-quality, low-quality mobile power supply, the casing is made of very fragile recycled plastic.

If the internal insulation design of a mobile power supply is not in place, and the cable solder joint between the battery core and the circuit board is easy to loose, it is easy to get off the soldering when falling, and the battery protection circuit is designed to catch up. On the main circuit board, the contact of the wires of the battery core with other positions on the circuit board is likely to cause a direct short circuit.

Some mobile power supplies with relatively solid workmanship usually hold each wire of the battery cell firmly in some fixed way. The proper wire length and good fixing treatment further enhance the internal insulation effect. However, for most consumers, the internal structure and insulation effect of mobile power is difficult to know, so the first thing we should pay attention to when using mobile power for daily use is to avoid the drop of mobile power.
What is the temperature difference? The operating temperature is too high or too low, resulting in a sudden drop in capacity of the lithium battery inside the mobile power supply. Most lithium batteries have an operating temperature of -20 ° C to 60 ° C and a working temperature of 0 ° C to 40 ° C. Lithium batteries using different cathode materials also have different working and ** working temperatures.
At present, there are many electronic products on the market that are very well designed for the protection of lithium batteries. For example, Apple's iPad will automatically disable the charging operation when the internal sensor detects that the ambient temperature is too low, so as to avoid charging in a low temperature environment. Damage to the battery occurs.
Therefore, it is also a lithium battery. When we use mobile power for daily use, we should try to avoid the situation where the ambient temperature is too low or too high, so as to avoid the sudden drop of capacity or permanent damage of the battery, and directly scrapped. appear.
I believe that many people have heard about the explosion of lithium batteries. With the popularity of lithium batteries in recent years, more and more electronic products are used to replace traditional batteries. When the lithium battery first appeared, due to technical reasons, its safety performance was very low, and the fire explosion was very common. However, with the continuous improvement of technology, the current lithium battery has a higher safety performance. However, piercing or burning can still cause smoke or explosion of the lithium battery.
Therefore, when we need to discard the mobile power supply, do not throw it into the fire source or discard it with domestic garbage. To a certain extent, piercing, crushing and burning will cause hidden dangers of smoke or explosion, and serious damage to the environment. Hazard. It is worth noting that the use of inferior chargers also has a chance to cause the explosion of lithium batteries. Compared to the discharge process, lithium batteries are the most dangerous when charging, which is why most mobile phones are charging. Happened. Therefore, we should purchase reliable or original mobile phone chargers for daily use.
Due to the chemical characteristics of the lithium battery, even if it is not used, the voltage will slowly drop. This is the self-discharge phenomenon of the lithium battery that we often say. In addition, the self-discharge phenomenon of the lithium battery inside the mobile power supply is more obvious, because the cells inside most mobile power sources are directly soldered on the circuit board, and the consumer cannot take out the battery core separately when not in use. The standby or hibernation circuit on the board is always in operation, and the power will be exhausted over time.

Although the battery protection circuit inside the mobile power supply automatically cuts off the circuit to reduce the self-loss of the power when the battery power (voltage) drops to a certain value, the low voltages of the protection circuit of the mobile power supply currently on the market are different. Therefore, we should try our best to avoid the mobile power supply when the power is insufficient, for a long time (three to six months or longer, depending on the amount of mobile power loss), the battery will be over-discharged, or even Directly lead to a sharp drop in cell capacity. Therefore, after we purchase the mobile power supply, charging and discharging at regular intervals is the ** method to extend its life.
Summary: To put it bluntly, many people's perceptions about mobile power security are almost related to internal lithium batteries. Only correct daily operations can avoid the safety hazards caused by lithium batteries. It can make it have a longer service life and avoid the situation of early retirement. In addition, the continuous improvement of lithium battery technology has made it have better safety performance. At the same time, manufacturers have begun to use the more reliable lithium iron phosphate batteries to replace the traditional lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganate batteries for higher safety performance.
In short, when we use and store mobile power in daily use, we can enjoy the mobile power supply for our daily life as long as we avoid excessive and too low temperature, drop, fire, and long-term operation. Kind of convenience, of course, the purchase of a quality assurance, after-sales service in place of mobile power is also a prerequisite.

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