Advantages of pesticide suspensions

The pesticide suspension agent refers to a preparation in which a solid pesticide original drug is uniformly dispersed in water at a particle size of 4 μm or less, and the international code is SC. Since SC does not have the problem of dust flying like wet powder (WP), it is not flammable and explosive, the particle size is small, the biological activity is high, the specific gravity is large, and the packaging volume is small. Compared with other pesticide formulations, it is safe and environmentally friendly. Therefore, SC has become A new type of pesticide with a large tonnage in the new water-based pesticide formulation.
What are the advantages of pesticide suspension agents compared with emulsifiable concentrates, and have the advantage of avoiding the use of a large amount of organic solvents; compared with wettable powders, there is no dust scattering and drifting during processing and use, and the toxicity and irritation to humans and animals are relatively low. It can reduce the phytotoxicity of crops, and it will not burn during storage and transportation, and it has high safety; the danger to users and the whole environment is quite low. Moreover, it has excellent performance, good dispersibility, high suspension rate, strong spreading and adhesion on the surface of plants, and is resistant to rain erosion; under humid conditions, it can slowly and effectively perform secondary distribution, efficacy More significant and more durable. It is understood that the suspending agent has become a popular new pesticide formulation because of its superior performance in terms of efficacy, safety and economy, and is superior to traditional formulations such as wettable powder, powder and emulsifiable concentrate.

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