More than 40% of chemicals fell in May prices

More than 40% of chemicals fell in May prices In May, the chemical market continued to bottom. According to data from business clubs, of the 68 chemical products monitored, 44.1% of chemical products prices fell, 39.7% of product prices held steady, and only 16.2% of product prices rose.

Business analyst Zhang Ming believes that the main problem in the current chemical market is insufficient demand. In the next two months, some products will gradually enter the export concentration period. The chemical market is expected to stop at the end of June and early July, and will be the new one in the third quarter. The round rebounded and accumulated power.

The data show that after the chemical industry index broke the bottom of 2012 in early May, it further fell to 921 points on May 30. The products with the most recent declines included ammonium sulfate, **, n-butanol, crude, coking benzene, and sin. Alcohol, DOP, pure benzene, urea, etc. However, products such as **, **, **, phenol, styrene, glyphosate, etc. are sticking to the rising camp for two consecutive months.

In some industries, due to the increase in shutdown and overhaul, the industry's operating rate has decreased, market supply has decreased, and the price trend has been relatively satisfactory. Devices such as propylene oxide and styrene will enter the maintenance season in May. The role of cost promotion is obvious in individual industrial chains. For example, the increase in price of epichlorohydrin this month is mainly due to the upward trend in prices of raw materials** and propylene, and the need for manufacturers to pass on cost pressures is more urgent.

Solid-phase synthesis, as the main process in the production of Bio-pharmaceuticals, is widely used for the synthesis of peptides, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and so on. The synthesis method is to bound the functional group such as methyl on a bead, which primiarly is polystyrene microsphere with low crosslink.

To be the core basic material, the characteristic of the beads have a great influence on the properties of peptides and deoxyribonucleic acid to be produced.

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