Pay attention to the effect of spraying pesticides on the ground when treating diseases

When farmers use pesticides to control pests and diseases, they often pay attention to the protection of the leaves and other parts of the plants, but they ignore the sources of the pathogens, leading to repeated episodes of pests and diseases, and the control effect is not good. When treating diseases, we must pay attention to the role of spraying pesticides on the ground. To understand this problem, we must first understand where the pathogens in the shed come from? The China Pesticide Network Xiaobian specifically explains for you:
The shed environment is relatively closed. Only a few centimeters to tens of centimeters of vents and shed doors communicate with the outside world. Therefore, it is less likely to introduce pests and diseases from outside, especially in the winter when the weather is cold and the host of the pathogen dies or enters. When sleeping, the pathogen is basically impossible to be introduced into the shed from outside the shed. However, the occurrence of pests and diseases in the shed has not stopped, the space in the shed is so large, the air, film, column and so on in the ground are mostly exposed to the sun, affected by ultraviolet light, temperature and humidity changes, pesticides, etc., pathogens. Things are unlikely to survive in large quantities for long periods of time. The only place where there may be a large number of pathogens and long-term survival is soil, such as anthrax, blight, keratosis, downy mildew, blight, and other fungi, bacterial diseases, and pests such as thrips, most of which are pathogens. It can survive in the soil for a long time and survive the rest period. After the planting of the sorghum vegetables, the pathogens in the soil wait for the water, wind, manpower, etc. to complete the process of transmission, infection, and disease, leading to recurrence of pests and diseases.
Therefore, from the perspective of pest prevention, pesticide spraying on the ground is an effective means to reduce the spread of diseases after vegetable planting. According to experts, after digging well-planted acupoints, spraying with the pesticides such as Jingjialingling Manganese Zinc (Jinlei) and Acacia and Acidic Acid Copper can greatly reduce the occurrence of seedling diseases, and the effect is obvious. After the vegetable is planted, the pesticide sprayed on the ground can also play a role in inhibiting pests and diseases. For example, before watering or before the film is covered, spraying the ground with zhongshengmycin, lonkeella, etc., can significantly reduce the number of pathogens on the surface and reduce the pouring. The possibility of spreading pathogens such as water and wind.
According to the pesticide network , in the treatment of pests and diseases, ground spraying pesticides can also play a comprehensive role in killing pathogens and reducing the reinfection in the later stage, which can greatly improve the control effect and reduce the probability of recurrence of pests and diseases. For example, in the prevention and control of thrips, when spraying plants, do not forget to use pesticides to spray the ground, so as not to spread the pests on the ground again.

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