Architectural aluminum formwork system

[China Aluminum Industry Network] The aluminum formwork system for building was founded earlier in the United States and is a new generation of green formwork technology. It is mainly composed of formwork system, support system, fastening system, and attachment system. After decades of development and improvement, the technology of building aluminum formwork systems has matured and applications have become more extensive. Dozens of countries around the world such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Brazil have been widely used in construction. In recent years, China's coastal provinces, cities, and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan have also gradually promoted the use of architectural aluminum formwork, and have achieved considerable economic and social benefits.

Compared with the more traditional wood forms that are currently used in large quantities in China, the architectural aluminum formwork has the following advantages:

1. The construction period is short, quick release system is used, and construction of one floor can be completed in 4-5 days.

2. The number of repeated use, can be turned 150-300 times, the average cost of use is low.

3. Light weight (about 25kg/?), convenient construction and high efficiency.

4. Good stability, strong bearing capacity (up to 60KN/?).

5. The surface quality of the concrete is smooth and smooth, and the requirements for facings and fair-faced concrete can basically be achieved. There is no need for renewal, and related costs can be saved.

6. The site construction environment is safe, clean and tidy.

7. Standards, versatility, only need to replace about 20-30% of non-standard plates.

8. High recovery value (about 400 yuan/?).

9. Low-carbon emission reduction, significantly reducing the loss of timber resources.

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