Ink-jet printing nano-silver ink developed successfully by Suzhou Leader

The key technologies that hinder the promotion of inkjet printing technology in China's photovoltaic industry have made major breakthroughs in recent days. Inkjet printing of nano-silver ink has been successfully developed by Suzhou Leade Nanotechnology. The use of this technology can increase the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells by more than 0.6%, reduce the silver consumption by about 30%, and at the same time reduce the consumption of silicon materials. According to calculations, compared with the existing process, the battery produced by ink-jet printing can increase the benefit of at least 0.6 yuan to 0.8 yuan, which is in line with the development direction of high efficiency and low cost of the photovoltaic industry. It is of great significance to promote this new technology.

According to experts, the development of the photovoltaic industry in the world is dependent on government subsidies and policy support at this stage. This is not a healthy road for industrial development. The ultimate solution for PV is to increase the photoelectric conversion efficiency and reduce production costs, and to forge the strength to compete with traditional fossil energy. Therefore, ink jet printing, a new generation technology that has come out in the last two years, is promising in the industry. At present, inkjet printing has begun to enter the stage of commercial application. Some foreign photovoltaic equipment companies have specially developed an inkjet printing line for photovoltaic applications, using Israeli PVN nano silver ink. Solar cells produced using this technology can not only improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency but also reduce the consumption of silver and silicon. This is undoubtedly a bleak for photovoltaic companies that are still operating in the cold winter of the industry. China also attaches great importance to the development of this cutting-edge technology. In the 2014 national 863 plan and science and technology support plan, the ultra-fine grid line for inkjet printing has been included in the guidelines. On May 14th, the 7th Shanghai International Forum on Photovoltaic (2013) also set a special theme for “New Generation of Metallization Technology—Inkjet Printing”.

Based on the good prospects for the development of renewable energy and the technological advantages of inkjet printing technology, Hunan Lide Slurry has introduced technology of PNV through the technical cooperation with Israel PVN, which holds an international patent for nanosilver ink, and established it in the nano-city of Suzhou Industrial Park. The joint venture company, Leaderwave Nano, is committed to mastering core technologies and promoting the industrialization of ink-jet printing nanometal inks in China.

It is reported that Li Defei Wei will also develop ink-jet printing nano-copper ink. The conductivity of copper is similar to silver, but the price is only one percent of silver. This technology has achieved preliminary commercial application and is expected to gradually replace the expensive silver in the future, which will greatly reduce the overall application cost of the photovoltaic industry and electronic information industry. (Ke Hui)

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O-ring mainly used for fluid (such as: water, oil, air, chemical solvents, chemicals, etc.) and sealing the gap between a static long-term use temperature of -60 ℃ to 220 ℃.. Varies on material, the use of static pressure is less than 20MPa. Sometimes for dynamic, dynamic pressure when using less than 5MPa. And semiconductor vacuum seal.


An o-ring technically is also a gasket but it's shape and the material it is made from differs from most gaskets. The biggest difference between the two is o-rings are almost exclusively used for very high pressure applications such as hydraulics where a regular cork, paper or Rubber Gasket would fail.

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