Wallpaper decoration five major minefields need to be prepared

The wallpaper industry is constantly evolving. Wallpapers are one of the categories of wall materials. The market share is not very high. It is because most people know about wallpapers and stay in the products of the 1980s. Wallpaper products are environmentally friendly, durable,

There are indeed many problems in terms of color retention and so on. The wallpaper industry is constantly evolving, and wallpaper is one of the categories of wall materials. The market share is not very high. It is because most people know about wallpaper and stay in the products of the 1980s. Wallpaper products do have many problems in terms of environmental performance, durability, and color retention.

Today's wallpapers have been updated, the use of high-tech, new materials, so that the performance of the wallpaper continues to improve. In the season of decoration, let us go out of the traditional misunderstanding of wallpaper and experience the new feeling of home brought by wallpaper.

Misunderstanding 1: The wallpaper is used for a short time, it is not easy to take care of the dirty, and the color is easy to change after a long time.

Correction: After a few years of use, the latex paint is prone to peeling, discoloration, dirty and difficult to clean, and the color is also single. The use of new materials makes the life of wallpapers as long as 5 to 7 years, and the service life of brands such as Benmei is even more than 10 years. Of course, residents can also choose to change wallpapers according to the room feng shui to create different home styles and atmospheres. The new wallpaper is also very easy to care for, dirty with a damp cloth, the color will not change.

Myth 2: The wallpaper is not environmentally friendly and harmful to the human body.

Correction: It is a one-sided statement. From the current production and process of wallpaper, domestic low-end wallpaper may contain a small amount of harmful substances; but most imported wallpapers do not contain harmful substances such as lead and benzene, and from the application point of view See, the more developed countries have higher requirements for environmental protection, and the demand and use of wallpapers in developed countries is much higher than in our country.

Misunderstanding 3: Wallpaper is easy to fall off, update trouble

Correction: It is not a problem with the wallpaper itself, but the pasting process does not meet the requirements. Now some brand wallpaper manufacturers often have a well-trained professional construction team. The construction uses imported Japanese rubber powder and provides perfect for wallpaper paving. After sales service.

Myth 4: What material wallpapers are the same

Correction: Wallpapers can be divided into paper wallpaper, natural material wallpaper, plastic wallpaper, rubber wallpaper, fabric wallpaper, wood wallpaper, metal wallpaper, diatomaceous earth wallpaper and many other types. The environmental protection and performance of different materials vary greatly, and the suitable space and style are also different.

Myth 5: The cost of wallpaper is high

Correction: In the wallpaper, the price of imported wallpaper is higher than that of domestic wallpaper, the price of natural material wallpaper is higher than that of ordinary wallpaper, and the price of big brand wallpaper is higher than that of noisy wallpaper. But no matter which brand manufacturer, it will consider the purchasing power of the consumer groups targeted by its products. Moreover, the effect that wallpaper can embody and create is that other decorative materials (such as paint) are far from comparable and are worthy of choice.

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