Sifang reached 125 million to buy 80% stake in Zhengzhou Huayuan

Sifangda (300179) announced on the evening of June 7 that the company intends to acquire an 80% stake in Zhengzhou Huayuan Superhard Materials Co., Ltd., a natural person Gaofu, for 125 million yuan (the initial estimated total amount). The first phase of the equity transfer of 71 million yuan was paid by the company. Among them, the use of the original "composite superhard materials and products R & D center project" raised 20.68 million yuan and over-raised funds of 50.32 million yuan. The second phase of equity transfer is paid by the company's own funds.

The original "Comprehensive Superhard Materials and Products R&D Center Project" plans a total investment of 20.44 million yuan, with a construction period of 2 years. The project has invested a total of 796,800 yuan. As of May 31, 2013, the total balance of the principal and interest of the special account for the raised funds was 20.68 million yuan.

Zhengzhou Huayuan's business scope covers the production and sales of super-hard materials, super-hard tools and products, machine tools and foreign trade import and export business. In 2013-March, the operating income was 7.2 million yuan and the net profit was 1.99 million yuan.

In Petro and chemical industry for flange connections Stud Bolts and Hex Bolts are used. 

The quantity of bolts for a flange connection will be given by the number of bolt holes in a flange, diameter and length of bolts is dependent of flange type and Pressure Class of flange.

Stud Bolt length are defined in Asme B16.5 standard. The length in inches is equal to the effective thread length measured parallel to the axis, from the first to the first thread without the chamfers (points). First thread is defined as the intersection of the major diameter of the thread with the base of the point.

1)  Standards: 

Based on DIN  & ANSI   & JIS & IFI

and per drwing

2) Material:   carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
3) bolt  Size:  M4-M42,3/8"--7/8"
4) bolt  Surface: Plain,Zinc ,HDG,DAC,Geomet
5) bolt Thread: UNC, UNF, Metric Thread
6) bolt Quality control : ISO 9001
7) bolt Package : Small box ,Poly Bag,Carton+Pallet

Grades of Stud Bolts

Below a table with materials and grades for flanges, thread rods (bolts) and nuts, arranged on design temperature, flanges, thread rods and recommended nuts.

-195° to 102°C ASTM A182
Gr. F304, F304L, F316,
F316L, F321, F347
A320 Gr.B8 Class2 A194 Gr.8A
-101° to -47°C ASTM A350
A320 Gr.L7 A194 Gr.7
-46° to -30°C ASTM A350
A320 Gr.L7 A194 Gr.7
-29° to 427°C ASTM A105 A193 Gr.B7 A194 Gr.2H
428° to 537°C ASTM A182
Gr.F11, F22
A193 Gr.B16 A194 Gr.2H
538° to 648°C ASTM A182
Gr.F11, F22
A193 Gr.B8 Class1 A194 Gr.8A
649° to 815°C ASTM A182
Gr. F304H, F316H
A193 Gr.B8 Class1 A194 Gr.8A

Bolts & Nuts

Stud Bolts, Heavy Nuts, Stud Bolts With 2 Nuts, Hex Bolts, 2H HDG Nuts, Galvanized Bolts and Nuts

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