There are several types of car electronic locks.

There are many classification methods for electronic locks, which can be classified according to the similarities and differences of input passwords, or classified according to functions. According to the input password method, it can be divided into the following categories:

1. Push-button electronic lock: use the keyboard (or combination button) to input the unlock password, which is convenient to operate. Internal control circuits often use electronic lock ASICs. These products include push-button automotive electronic door locks and push-button automotive ignition locks.

2. Dial-type electronic lock: Use the mechanical dial switch to input the unlock code. Many push-button electronic locks can be converted into dial-type electronic locks.

3, electronic key electronic lock: use the electronic key to input (or as) unlock password. The electronic key is an important part of the control circuit. The electronic key can be composed of a component or a unit circuit composed of components, and is formed into a small handheld unit. The connection between the electronic key and the main control circuit can be various forms such as sound, light, and electromagnetic. These products include a variety of remote car door locks, steering locks, ignition locks and password ignition keys.

4, touch-type electronic lock: use the touch method to enter the unlock password, easy to operate. Compared with the push button switch, the touch switch has a long service life and low cost, so the electronic lock control circuit is optimized. The front door of the car with the touch-mode electronic lock has no handle and is replaced by an electronic lock and touch sensor.

5. Bio-characteristic electronic lock: The human biometrics such as sound and fingerprint are input as passwords, and the computer performs pattern recognition control to unlock, and the intelligence is quite high. Since voice-activated telephones have entered the practical stage in foreign cars, coupled with the maturity of biometric electronic lock technology, there is reason to believe that biometric electronic locks will definitely join the ranks of automobile door locks.

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