The application of computer-aided innovation in the development of new agricultural machinery products (Figure)


The 11th Five-Year Plan is a crucial stage for China to achieve the development goals of the first 20 years of the 21st century. In this development process, agricultural modernization has become an important aspect that affects the overall development. Agricultural mechanization is the main content and important symbol of agricultural modernization. China's goal is to continue to improve the level of agricultural mechanization in the country by 2010 and to enter the intermediate stage as a whole. To achieve this goal, we must strengthen the technological innovation capability of agricultural mechanization.

Since the implementation of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, the country has effectively promoted the development of agricultural mechanization in China. However, China's development of agricultural mechanization has encountered many constraints, the most important of which is that the level of agricultural equipment technology does not meet the needs of agricultural development and the needs of farmers. To upgrade the technical level of China's agricultural equipment, it is necessary to establish a corresponding scientific and technological innovation system, and put the independent innovation of science and technology in a more prominent position in the development of agricultural mechanization.

At present, many agricultural machinery manufacturers in China generally have problems such as backward products and insufficient innovation ability. The key point is that enterprises lack innovative mechanisms and capabilities for new product development and manufacturing technologies that respond quickly to the market. Therefore, it is urgent to obtain specific technical support for new product development. . Computer-aided innovation technology provides important technical support for the development and improvement of agricultural machinery products, and has become a key technology for the development of new agricultural products.

1 Introduction to computer-aided innovation technology

1.1 Computer-aided innovation technology content

CAI Computer AidedInnovation is based on the rapid development of the invention problem solving theory (TRIZ) in recent years in Europe and the United States, combined with ontology modern design methodology, semantic processing technology and computer software technology. Innovative technology.

1.2 The basis of computer-aided innovation technology

1.2.1 The basis of TRIZ

TRIZ is a combination of the initials of the word meaning of the theory of Inventive Problem Solving in Russian. The theory of invention problem solving originated from the former Soviet Union. It is a set of theoretical systems that Genrich Altshuller proposed after analyzing nearly 2.5 million high-level invention patents in the world and combining the principles and rules of multidisciplinary fields. Its purpose is to study the scientific principles and laws that humans follow in the process of inventing and solving technical problems. TRIZ theory believes that product improvement, technological change and innovation in any field, like biological systems, have processes of production, growth, maturity, aging, and extinction, which are regularly followed. If people master these rules, they can actively design products and predict the future development of products. The TRIZ theory is the synthesis of these laws. Through this theory, people can greatly accelerate the process of creating inventions and get high quality innovative products.

1.2.2 General Process of TRIZ Theory

The general process of TRIZ theory is shown in Figure 1.

1.2.3 The theoretical core of TRIZ

1) General (ie, the basic rules of contradictory analysis theory and the level of invention)

2) Technology Evolution

3) 39 general engineering parameters and 40 invention methods for solving technical problems

4) Principle of object field analysis and conversion and 76 standard solutions

5) Problem solving program for the invention problem (operator)

6) Physical effect library

1.2.4 TRIZ product design evaluation formula

It is a difficult point to clarify the general solution of the problem in the process of solving the problem in TRIZ, which requires domain background knowledge.

TRIZ theory holds that a successful design can be described as

S - successful design

Pc - the ability of individuals to solve problems

Pkn - level and experience of domain knowledge

M-TRIZ Methodology and the Application of Philosophical Thoughts
Application of T-TRIZ tool

1.3 Computer Aided Innovation Software

TRIZ is a theoretical system of analytical tools and knowledge-based tools. Different tools should be used to solve the problem of the complexity of the problem in the innovative design. In fact, if you do not refer to the manual or electronic database, the designer must master at least 10% to 15% of the total number of patents in TRIZ to achieve the above requirements. In other words, only computer-aided innovations can help designers effectively exploit the evolutionary models of TRIZ tools, knowledge bases, and technology systems in solving technical problems and product development. Computer-aided innovation software accelerates the product innovation process and ensures that solutions are available that meet the requirements.

1.3.1 Currently used computer-aided innovation software

1) Computer-aided innovative solutions from the American company. At the heart of the US-based Evonik Group's computer-aided innovation solutions are two software platforms, the computer-aided innovation platform Pro/Innovator and the innovation capability development platform CBT/NOVA. The purpose of CBT/NOVA is to help people quickly learn and master advanced innovation theories and methods based on TRIZ, to cultivate people's innovative thinking and to inspire engineers' innovative ability. Pro/Innovator has the basic functions of systematic analysis of innovative problems, providing innovative solutions, patented query and analysis, and solution evaluation.

2) TechOptimizer and Knowlegist TechOptimizer. The process of innovative design is closely integrated with Knowlegist to achieve good operability in the innovative design process.

3) Technology maturity prediction system software TMMS1.0. The technology maturity of an enterprise is an issue that must be considered when an enterprise makes a strategic plan. However, there is no clear standard for the judgment of product technology maturity, mainly relying on the experience and feelings of experts or senior management of enterprises. The conclusion is very subjective, the accuracy is difficult to guarantee, and a more objective method is needed to complete this work. Based on the theory of technological system evolution of TRIZ theory, this software integrates the research results of domestic and foreign technology maturity, takes patent analysis as the main approach, uses computer for data processing, accelerates the process of product technology maturity prediction, and improves the accuracy of prediction.

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