Reverse engineering in product design (2)

3 Product Design A Reverse Engineering CAD Technology (1) Pro/E Parametric Design Parametric Application (also called Dimension-Driven) is a topic proposed by CAD technology in practical applications. The CAD system can be interactively mapped and has an automatic drawing function. At present, it is an important subject to be further studied in the field of CAD technology application. The special product design system developed by parametric design means that designers can be freed from a large number of heavy and trivial drawing work, which can greatly improve the design speed and reduce the storage of information. The key to parametric design is the extraction and expression of geometric constraint relations, the solution of constraints and the construction of parametric geometric models. In 1988, American Parametric Technology Company first introduced Pro/Engineer (Pro/E), a parametric design CAD system, which fully demonstrated its simple and easy advantages in the design of many common parts and components. Its main features are: feature-based, full-size constraints, full data correlation, and size-driven design modifications.

In this way, we can use PTC's industrial design software Pro/Designer (Pro/D) for surface design. Since Pro/D and Pro/E use the same database, the two are seamlessly connected and therefore designed. Medium stylists and structural engineers can work together better. (2) Pro/D surface design capabilities For industrial designers and engineers who want to build surface models, Pro/D is the tool they need, Pro/ D can build high quality freeform models and can be easily converted to other CAD systems based on manufacturing engineering. Pro/D is able to create realistic and precise geometry, making it easier to create models and shorten design cycles. Pro/D can be used to combine visual aesthetics with engineering requirements in the mold manufacturing process, which is especially noticeable in the creation of free-form models (3) Pro/D and Pro/E. There are two ways to exchange data between Pro/Designer and Pro/Engineer: one is to exchange data directly with Pro/Engineer, and the other is to exchange data with Pro/Engineer in file mode.

(4) CAD application of complex design 3D design is very decorative, especially for products with complex curved surfaces. It can be combined with Pro/D and Pro/E. The stylist makes ID and do in Pro/D. Surface modeling, starting Pro/E directly from Pro/D, guiding data to Pro/E. Structural design by structural designer. Even in the whole design process, even the structural design is finished, due to customer requirements or designer The part of the solution needs to be changed. At this time, it only needs to be changed in Pro/D. After the change is made, the original name is sent to Pro/E, then the Pro/E is also changed, and the structure is not redone. Make the structure have a condition that its parent feature will not be a problem).

4 Conclusion <br> <br> Reverse engineering is a pioneering, practical and highly integrated technology, reverse engineering technology has been widely applied to new product development, testing and reducing the old parts of the product, it Not only digest and absorb physical prototypes, but also modify the redesign to create new products. This product design for CAD technology not only means a change in design means, but also changes the way of thinking in industrial design. It promotes a series of profound, comprehensive and far-reaching changes in the manufacturing industry from product design and manufacturing to technology management. This is a technological revolution in product design and product manufacturing, systematization of product design, and shortening product development cycle. Thereby creating a practical, economical, beautiful and pleasant product.

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