Fertilization method for several common fertilizers

China is a developing agricultural country. Agriculture is the foundation of the country. Developing agriculture well is a fundamental matter of our country. In order to produce high-yield agricultural products, it is the key to fertilize the fertilization work. Different fertilizers have different fertilization methods. The following is a brief introduction to the fertilization methods of several common fertilizers.

    First, the fertilization method of phosphate fertilizer: Phosphate fertilizer moves in the soil, easy to be fixed. When seeding fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer available fertilizer 1-2 1-2 times the decomposition of fine, dry soil homogeneously mixed, after seeding or fertilizing banding or during planting base can be made of earlier dressing, before the applicator can be cultivated, or After ploughing, the ridge is applied (ie, layered). Layered application, deep application of phosphate fertilizer can meet the needs of crops in the middle and late stages, and shallow application can be absorbed by crops during seedling stage. Topdressing may be applied early in the dense soil root coefficients.

    Second, the fertilization method of potassium fertilizer: Potassium fertilizer should be combined with base fertilizer or base followers. When it is used as a base fertilizer, it can be applied to the bottom of the plow before the cultivation or arable land, and the pressure is used as the base fertilizer. Followers should be early, can be ditched or applied.

    Third, the fertilization method of nitrogen fertilizer: deep application of nitrogen fertilizer can greatly reduce the loss of nitrogen fertilizer, and the effect of increasing yield is significantly increased by 10% to 30% , and the yield is increased by 10%-20% . When nitrogen fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer, it can be ploughed into the soil after ploughing or spreading, or ridged and applied. When doing topdressing, it can be applied to the ditch and the hole. The depth of fertilization is generally 6-10 cm. In the case where deep application is impossible, the application should be immediately applied with water.  

    Fourth, the fertilization method of micro-fertilizer: zinc fertilizer (zinc sulfate) based on the amount of 1-1.5 kg, soaking seeds with 0.03%-0.09% zinc sulphate solution for 12 hours, seed dressing with 4-6 grams of zinc sulfate per kg of seeds The spraying concentration is 0.2%-0.3% ; the boron fertilizer (borax) base is applied in an amount of 0.5-1 kg, the soaking is immersed in 0.01%-0.02% borax solution for 6-12 hours, and the seed dressing is sprayed with 0.5-1 g per kg. The concentration is 0.2% ; the iron fertilizer (ferrous sulfate) base is applied to 2-3 kg, the soaking is immersed in 0.05% ferrous sulfate solution for 12 hours, the spraying concentration is 0.2%-0.3% ; the boron fertilizer (borax) is applied to the mu. Dosage 0.5 - 1 kg, soaking seeds with 0.01% - 0.02% borax solution for 6 - 12 hours, seed dressing 0.5 - 1 g per kg of seed , spraying 0.2% iron fertilizer (ferrous sulfate) based fertilization application 2 - 3 kg soaking with 0.05% ferrous sulfate solution was soaked for 12 hours to spraying concentration of 0.3% - 0.5%; manganese fertilizer (manganese sulfate) group administered the amount of acres 2--3 kg Soaking 0.05% - 0.1% manganese sulfate leaching solution 12 hours, per kilogram of seed dressing with 4--8 g of manganese sulfate, 0.1% spray concentration.

    Different fertilizers have different fertilization methods. If the correct fertilization method is used during the growth of crops, the agricultural production will increase and increase.

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