The State Council executive meeting adopted the plan to promote the rise of the central region

On the 23rd, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council presided over the State Council executive meeting to discuss and adopt in principle the "Promotion of the Central Region's Rise."
The meeting pointed out that the central regions including Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei and Hunan provinces are important food production bases, energy and raw material bases, equipment manufacturing bases and comprehensive transportation hubs in China. It occupies an important position. Since the implementation of the strategy of promoting the rise of Central China, the development speed of the six central provinces has accelerated markedly, and the living standards of urban and rural people have increased steadily. However, the central region is also faced with many contradictions and problems that restrict long-term development. In the process of coping with the impact of the international financial crisis and maintaining steady and rapid economic growth, it is necessary to further exert the comparative advantages of the central region and enhance its support for national development.
The meeting proposed to implement the "Promoting the Rise of the Central Region" and strive for the goal of achieving a significant improvement in the level of economic development, further enhancement of the vitality of development, a marked improvement in the capacity for sustainable development, and a new development in a harmonious society in the central region by 2015. To this end, we must focus on strengthening the construction of food production bases and actively develop modern agriculture. Accelerate the adjustment of agricultural structure, vigorously promote agricultural industrialization, strengthen the construction of agricultural and rural infrastructure, continuously improve the comprehensive agricultural production capacity, continue to increase farmers' income, and effectively change the rural landscape. Second, in accordance with the principles of optimized layout, centralized development, efficient use, intensive processing, safety and environmental protection, we will consolidate and upgrade the status of important energy raw materials bases. Promote the construction of large-scale coal mines, accelerate the construction of electric power and power grids, and vigorously develop intensive processing of raw materials. Third, we must focus on core technology and key technology research and development to build a modern equipment manufacturing industry and a high-tech industrial base. Enhance the ability of independent innovation and enhance the overall strength and level of the equipment manufacturing industry. Accelerate the development of high-tech industries and transform traditional manufacturing industries with high-tech and advanced applicable technologies. Fourth, we must optimize the allocation of transportation resources and strengthen the status of integrated transportation hubs. Accelerate the construction of railway networks and airports, improve the trunk line network, and improve the capacity of water transport and pipeline transportation. Fifth, we must accelerate the formation of the “two horizontal and two vertical” economic belts along the Yangtze River, Bohai Sea, Beijing-Guangzhou and Beijing-Kowloon, actively cultivate a vibrant urban agglomeration; promote the revitalization of old industrial bases and the transformation of resource-based cities, develop the county economy, and accelerate the revolutionary old areas. Development in ethnic areas and poverty-stricken areas. Sixth, we must work hard to develop a circular economy and improve the level of resource conservation and comprehensive utilization. Strengthen the protection of cultivated land and improve the comprehensive benefits of water resources utilization. Seventh, we must give priority to the development of education, prosperity of cultural and sports undertakings, enhancement of basic medical and public health service capabilities, and do everything possible to expand employment and improve the social security system. Eight must use weak links as a breakthrough to accelerate reform, opening up, and institutional innovation, and continuously enhance development momentum and vitality. Further improve the policy system to support the rise of Central China.
The meeting requested that the relevant departments of the State Council should strengthen the guidance and coordination of the implementation of the plan, and the relevant localities should combine local realities and effectively implement them to ensure the smooth realization of the planning objectives.

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